In today’s fast-paced world, you need to be able to access your data – email, calendar, etc. – anytime from anywhere via any web-enabled device. This is all possible thanks to online cloud computing. The two major cloud applications are Apple’s MobileMe and Google Apps.

Email, Contacts and Calendar
Google offers the excellent Gmail, which organizes emails into single conversations, making it easy to keep track of long conversations. Apple’s MobileMe email is great, but it doesn’t organize emails like Gmail, except for the Mail app on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Both cloud management services offer a place to store and access your collection of contacts, and a calendar to keep track of your schedule and appointments. Both are powerful, but we prefer Apple’s alluring user interface to Google's somewhat unpolished look.

Documents, Spreadsheets and Slideshow Presentations
Google dominates with Docs, a cloud-based Office suite of apps, including a word processor, spreadsheet app and slideshow creator. You can also share and collaborate in real time.

MobileMe doesn’t offer this, but you can upload and share to the virtual hard drive iDisk. If you have Apple’s iWork suite of apps, users can share files at the iWork website beta.

Sharing Files, Pictures, Video and More
Both MobileMe and Google Apps allow you to share files and create galleries to share pictures and video, along with building websites. Both services are about equal in this category.

Mobile Access
With smartphones and handheld devices, users want to access their data from anywhere. Google Apps and MobileMe allows access to your email, contacts, calendars and more.

MobileMe dominates by taking it one step further with “Find My iPhone,” which helps users find their lost iOS device with a map. If it’s stolen, you can remotely erase the device.

The Verdict
Both MobileMe and Google Apps offer excellent features that will benefit any user. While each one dominates in a specific category, we feel MobileMe is the best cloud service to consider.

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