Thanks to its vast reach among consumers and its aggressive advertising strategy, GoDaddy is perhaps the most recognizable web hosting service on the internet. It offers an array of services, including domain name registration and dedicated servers. Some customers   both current and former   make GoDaddy complaints. Understanding the reasoning behind their dissatisfaction can help you make an informed decision about your web hosting needs.

Poor Customer Service

The internet is littered with complaints about GoDaddy's customer service. Some claim that they can never get a live person on the phone, while others talk about irrelevant answers to their email inquiries. However, Top Ten Reviews gave GoDaddy a score of 9 out of 10 for its customer support, with the caveat that wait times can get long for live phone support. In terms of the support quality, GoDaddy received 75 percent, but the amount of support channels and tutorials boost this service to the above-average score.

GoDaddy offers several options for customer support and technical assistance. Customers can call the support line to speak to a live agent or activate the live chat feature on the website. Email support also puts you in touch with a live support technician, and the website's knowledgebase offers detailed, easy-to-follow guidance for common questions. You can even find screenshots and photos to help you navigate GoDaddy's interface.

In fact, GoDaddy snagged a Stevie Award for Customer Service in 2013. Specifically, the prestigious Stevie Awards panel nominated it for the best use of technology in a customer support system. While some website owners might have bad experiences with GoDaddy on the customer support front, it's not a universal issue.

High Costs After Introductory Offers

Like most web hosts, GoDaddy offers new customers an introductory price for web hosting services. After that period ends, the price reverts to the standard amount. Customers often complain online about this rate hike, especially for the higher-end packages. They want to lock in their low rates for longer periods.

GoDaddy isn't alone in creating introductory offers to lure in new clients. Most web hosting companies offer discounted periods, such as for the first six months or one year. Afterward, their rates increase to reflect the standard pricing schedule.

Additionally, GoDaddy makes it clear on each service page that the introductory offer doesn't last forever. You'll see the introductory price underneath the name of the package. Underneath, GoDaddy tells customers the prices they will pay when they renew after the introductory period.

Fortunately, you're not locked into any particular web host. If, after the introductory period, you don't want to keep the service, you can change web hosts and avoid paying the higher price.

Fewer Email Addresses

Unlike many web hosting companies, GoDaddy limits the number of email addresses you can make, even in the more expensive packages. Users can create 100 email addresses with the Economy Plan, 500 addresses on the deluxe plan, and 1,000 addresses with the Ultimate Plan. If you think you might need more email addresses than the host provides, you might find yourself frustrated with the service.

Companies that have heavy customer support needs, for instance, might not fare well with the limited email addresses. Since you need a separate address for each of your customer support agents, you could run out quickly.

Database Delays

Some reviews complain about the setup of new MySQL databases through GoDaddy web hosting accounts. The reports claim you might have to wait up to 24 hours for the database to go live. This frustrates some users because they want to set up their blogs and other applications as quickly as possible. However, every report of this concern was posted over two years ago. At this point in the industry, those long wait times are unheard of. In our experience, we waited a maximum of 10 minutes for every database to be created and the site updated.

If you make changes to your DNS (Domain Name System) settings or database information, you might have to wait up to 48 hours to see the changes go live. We transferred a WordPress site from one host to GoDaddy, and it took 24 hours to convert fully. One to two days is the average wait time across the board for web hosts. When choosing a web host, read plenty of web hosting reviews to familiarize yourself with each service's pros and cons so you don't find yourself frustrated by long wait times.

Lack of SSL Protection

If you want to run an eCommerce website, GoDaddy might present a security risk provided you choose the Economy Plan. This package does not allow you to deploy a secure socket layer (SSL) on your website, which could make financial transactions more vulnerable to outside intrusion. eCommerce website owners might want to choose the Ultimate plan instead. You get a one-year SSL certificate as well as plenty of other extras, and it's not prohibitively expensive.

No web host operates without any complaints. GoDaddy, being one of the biggest web hosting brands out there, has its fair share of complaints, which makes sense from a ratio standpoint. However, we've seen improvements from this company even in a few short years. Understanding the reasoning behind the complaints can help you make better decisions about your website.

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