Keeping your identity safe can be a full-time job. Unless you have the time and the know-how to keep your credit secure, investing in an identity theft protection subscription is a smart decision. After doing some research into which service gives you the most bang for your buck, you're likely to run into a few Intelius IdentityProtect complaints from customers and online reviewers. To help you make the best choice for identity protection, learn about the most common complaints about Intelius IdentityProtect and understand its credibility.

Intelius IdentityProtect Can't Freeze Your Credit

Some identity theft protection services claim to automatically freeze your credit at any sign of fraud. This drastic action can mitigate losses when you're sure you've become a victim of identity theft. More specifically, the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 2003 allows you to request a credit freeze from one of the three credit bureaus. As a result of this legislation, many identity theft protection services built their businesses around credit freeze requests on behalf of subscribers. In 2009, however, the United States District Court for the Central District of California ruled that identity theft protection services were not permitted to make credit freeze requests for subscribers because it placed unnecessary stress on credit bureaus.

Because of this ruling, Intelius IdentityProtect can’t freeze your credit. This also means that identity theft services with auto-freezing options do not have legal precedent on their side. This is why many companies no longer offer such a service. Instead, they alert you upon detecting suspicious activity. It's then up to you whether to proceed with a credit or account freeze, which you can initiate on your own at any point for no cost.

Since time is not on your side once fraud has occurred, credit freezes have one key advantage. The sooner you freeze your accounts, the less time an identity thief has to run up charges. On the other hand, freezes also have drawbacks. When your credit is frozen, you can't use it either. You also can't lift a credit freeze for a certain amount of time, usually 90 days, without paying a fee in most states.

Intelius IdentityProtect Doesn't Offer Comprehensive Monitoring

You'll see some consumers complaining about the fact that Intelius IdentityProtect doesn't monitor as many aspects of your identity as other services. For example, in addition to monitoring your credit report and financial information, some services monitor things like your criminal record and sex offender registries. Intelius monitors court records, which could include either of the aforementioned public records. However, when we contacted Intelius for clarification about this, we did not receive a response before publication.

These additional features may be valuable if someone steals your identity and commits a crime in your name. They also alert you of potentially damaging clerical errors where your identity has simply gotten confused with another person’s. On the other hand, these kinds of situations are not as common as financial identity theft. Thus, for some subscribers, paying a higher monthly subscription fee might not be worth it given the relative rarity of these kinds of identity crimes.

Intelius Doesn't Give Refunds

On some sites, you might find reviews from customers who are angry that Intelius IdentityProtect didn't refund their money on an ID protection package. The kernel of truth to this complaint is that after the initial trial period, Intelius does not issue refunds. Instead, subscribers have to cancel their subscriptions, and then they won't be billed the next month.

That said, Intelius IdentityProtect ranks well with popular business-rating companies. The company isn't out to scam customers, and it's clear on the refund policy in the terms and conditions. The truth is that you have seven days of risk-free trial to make your decision. After that, if you don't cancel, Intelius will bill you for services every month.

Trying to figure out which online reviews are accurate can be challenging on your own. Intelius IdentityProtect reviews do reflect some negative feedback, but now you know whether you can put any stock in any of the claims.

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