As one of the top web hosting services available today, iPage enjoys an excellent reputation for customer service, ease of use and customization options. As with all web hosting services, however, consumers sometimes complain about various aspects of iPage's platform. Look at some of the most common iPage complaints so you know what to expect.

Slow Loading Times

Numerous factors can influence website loading times, such as plug-ins and traffic patterns. It's a common problem; according to KissMetrics, over 70 percent of internet users have encountered a website that they felt took too long to load. Unfortunately, several iPage customers have complained above slow loading times. Slow times, in this case, refers to over four seconds to display. The common load time based on a regular host is typically under two seconds.

The host offers Dynamic Site Accelerator   a third-party add-on that increases site-loading speeds for an extra $2.95 per month or for free if you purchase a new hosting account. However, website owners should not have to pay extra for speeds they feel their sites should achieve without assistance or an add-on.

Annual Billing

Some customers complain that iPage only offers annual billing. In other words, you can't sign up for a web hosting account and pay for it in installments every month. The company bills your credit card for the full 12 months, which forces you into an investment, even when you may have just wanted to test the service.

Many other web hosts offer installment billing options, but their prices can't compete with iPage's. For instance, as of November 2015, the iPage Essential Plan costs just $1.99 per month. Billed annually, that equals just $23.88 for an entire year of hosting, which makes it an extremely economical solution.

Processing Fees

If you cancel your domain order through iPage, you can get your money back   less a $15 processing fee. This applies regardless of your reason for cancelling, and it sometimes irks consumers that they cannot get a full refund. It's important to note, however, that a cancellation-processing fee is not specific to iPage, and you might encounter it with other web hosts, as well.

If you don't want to pay a processing fee, think carefully about your purchase before you make it. Compare different options via web hosting reviews and decide in advance which features matter most to your personal website or business platform. That way, you don't have to deal with a case of buyer's remorse.

Lack of Built-In Security Features

Some of iPage's most robust security features require users to upgrade to platforms that are more expensive. Since security is one of the top concerns among website owners, it makes sense that users would complain if they don't have access to certain protections, like secure shell (SSH) access and backup options.

This service does have security features available in higher-tier plans. For instance, iPage offers NetApp Snapshot Data Backups for its Essential and Superboost plans but not for the Launch plan. The basic plan also does not allow SSH access or site-restoration features. However, you can purchase these as add-ons to your site.

Inability to Privately Register a Domain

As of this writing, iPage does not allow customers to privately register their domains. Private registration replaces the public data for a website's administration with the host's contact information. If you don't want your address, phone number, email address and other data available to the public, private registration might rank as an important feature for your site. Other popular web hosts   including GoDaddy, 1and1, HostGator and Bluehost   offer WHOIS privacy.

Sometimes, private domain registration poses problems. For example, if your contact information doesn't appear in the website's WHOIS registration, you no longer qualify as the website's owner. Instead, your host assumes ownership and responsibility over the domain. If you ever find yourself embroiled in a legal battle over your website, you might not have legal standing in court.

In this regard, private domain registration actually becomes dangerous. Consider carefully whether you want private registration before disregarding iPage as a viable web host for your needs. You can always use a P.O. Box as your address to protect yourself and your family. However, many website owners at least want the option to protect their privacy, and iPage does not offer that.

Despite these complaints, iPage offers plenty of benefits to website owners, including low prices, excellent customer help and support, and diverse control panel options. If you need a reliable web host at an affordable price, you might try iPage.

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