So you finally bought a digital camera and you've maxed out the memory with photos. One of the options is a digital photo printing service, but there are many different alternatives, including:

For photos on a computer: 

  • Install your camera software, then download and organize your photos
  • Create a computer or DVD slideshow with your digital photos
  • Organize photos online in a digital scrapbook using scrapbooking software
  • Put photos/video clips into a CD presentation with clipart software or video editing software
  • Use your pictures to build unique morphing projects
  • Trim and edit your pictures with photo editing software
  • Feature your photos free at some online photo developer websites, such as Snapfish

Some people leave all their digital photos on their home computer or online. This is the least expensive, most convenient way to show off your pictures.

Even so, there is no substitute for a physical photo printed on glossy paper. Here are some off-computer options to consider:

For photos everywhere else:

  • Using photo paper, print photos on your home printer
  • Have photos printed locally for same-day service
  • Send digital photos to an online photo printing service, such as York Photo, for convenient mail delivery
  • Create and print scrapbook pages for a paper scrapbook

 Printing photos on your home printer brings instant gratification and works well for those who don't print pictures often. But photo paper and ink are expensive in small quantities. If you print many photos, you'll run through these pricy supplies quickly. A photo printing service is an inexpensive alternative if you want plenty of prints on a regular basis.

The best part about choosing which digital photos to print is that you already know what your pictures look like. You can browse your photo files and only pay to print the good ones.

Sending your digital photos to an online photo printing service is typically a simple upload process load your photo files, push a few buttons, and your prints will arrive in the mail a few days later.

Or, if you're in a big hurry, WalMart offers one hour printing service for digital photos at many local stores. Conveniently upload your photos to WalMart online, then pick up the prints at your local store an hour later.

In short, digital photos give you plenty of photo finishing choices, and many offer a free trial of their printing service, so you've got nothing to lose.

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