So you re a flop in the dating world. Women are just too confusing and you can t tell if they are interested in you or not. They say one thing, but their actions indicate something entirely different.

Men are often confused because women s verbal and nonverbal messages seem to conflict, sending him  mixed signals.  Here is the key: experts predict that 7% of a woman s attraction is shown through her verbal communication; 38% from her tone and 50% from her body language. What does this mean? Learning to read body language is the key to successful dating!

So, what are the signs that she is interested? If she points toward you or faces you, she is probably attracted to you. She may point with her shoulder, her leg or her whole body. Beware if she seems to be pointing the opposite direction; it is time to move on.

Watch her eyes. If her eyes are not straying around the room and seem to be focused intently on you, she is most likely interested. Are her eyes dilated? This is kind an unfair indicator because she has no control over it, but when a woman is attracted to you, her eyes will slightly dilate while interacting with you.

Does she seem to be involved in your conversation with you, or does she seem restless? If she is attracted to you, nothing else is going to occupy her attention while you are talking to her.

The more you see of her wrists, palms and the inside of her arms, the better. Look for signs of nervousness. She may show this through fidgeting with an object or adjusting her hair or clothes. If she is nervous, she probably likes you.

Smiles are great! If she smiles at you when you aren t talking, or laughs at everything you say, funny or not, you can assume she is interested.

Does she seem relaxed around you? A woman who is interested in you will face you directly, lean in and relax her body. Folded arms, a stiff back and leaning away from you are signs that she wants out of the situation.

The best and easiest predictor of her attraction is her physical contact with you. Does she frequently touch your hand or keep it hidden in her pocket? Does she touch your arm or leg when she is making a point? The more physical contact she has with you during your conversation, the better.

Warning! Beware of the shy or awkward flirter. The signs may be very confusing. She may be restless or quiet due to nervousness. She may not understand how to use her body language to give you the  okay".

If you sense that a woman may be awkward or shy but interested, look for nervousness when you approach her directly or look intently into her eyes. Watch her pupils to see if they change size. When you are in the same room, frequently glance in her direction to see if she is watching you. If you catch her stealing glimpses of you, go ahead, she is most likely interested.

Learning to read body language helps you weed those who are attracted to you from those who are polite, but uninterested. Study her nonverbal cues; if they seem to indicate an attraction toward you-go for it!

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