If any of the satellite internet providers from our lineup didn't meet your needs or strike your fancy, there's another option – Frontier. While Frontier isn't as big as the leading internet providers we reviewed, the company is steadily increasing its coverage areas throughout rural America.

Their basic plan offers the standard 5 Mbps downstreaming and 1 Mbps upstreaming speed. Basic plans are ideal for homes with only one device and one or two users who generally lightly use the internet for things like checking email or the news, or occasionally browsing social media. If you know you'll use the internet more heavily than that, consider going with the premium plan, which offers 15 Mbps for downstreaming and up to 2 Mbps for upstreaming, which is a little more than what most other satellite internet providers give you. High quantities of bandwidth are ideal for those who like to stream media, frequently download files, play online games and who heavily surf the internet and spend time on social media.

Customers using Frontier's most basic plan have up to 20 GB of anytime bandwidth per month, and premium users have 40 GB of anytime bandwidth. We were unable to find out if they offer any off-peak bandwidth and, if so, how much. We were also unable to get a quote for an activation fee, which is a standard thing for this market. If you opt to lease the accompanying equipment for a monthly fee, you may be eligible for free installation.

The average contract term for satellite internet service is two years. Like other providers, Frontier charges an early termination fee for those who cancel their service before the term is up. This typically costs around $400, though, the fee also depends on how many months you have remaining in your contract and when you wish to stop service.

We found Frontier's customer support largely unhelpful. We encountered a variety of issues with the technical support team, primarily an unwillingness to answer questions and talk about the service. Information about their service – such as plans, prices, speeds or bandwidth capacities – is not readily available from their website, meaning you’ll have to call them and navigate through an automated system and talk to difficult reps in order to see if they service your area and get things set up. Furthermore, service availability depends on your location, so we recommend calling Frontier for a quote. If you're looking for other kinds of information or assistance, you can try to searching through the little bit of information listed on their website. Existing customers do have access to a dedicated customer-support portal.

Though it didn't make our ranked lineup of the best satellite internet companies, Frontier is still a decent option for a niche customer base. Generally speaking, their basic service is on par with other satellite internet providers, and their premium upstreaming speeds are slightly faster than a few others. Again, whether or not Frontier's service is available to you depends on your location. While their customer service is lacking, they do provide decent enough satellite internet speeds for those living in rural areas.

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