Genealogy Search and Social Networking

Whether you re an individual or a large corporation, you will be at one point compelled to use social networking. Online communities have been around since the early days of the internet, but it wasn t until a site called introduced the idea of  profiles  and  friends  in the late nineties that the concept began to spread like wild fire. Nowadays it plays a major role in every aspect of communication. The question remains, why?

The chance to connect and build solid relationships with our friends and family is one of the greatest appeals of social networking. Anyone who has ever delved into genealogy search knows the more information you uncover about your family history the more fascinated you become with connecting your past with your present life. With the advances in technology, genealogy 2.0 sites are starting to use progressive networking technologies like wikis, RSS, mapping, and online family tree building to help people connect with family members and other researchers in a Facebook like way.

While the traditional genealogy search sites like are still the most comprehensive online choice for searching, the trend is tipping toward sites that can offer the competent search databases of the traditional sites, while also creating a platform to track a genealogist s activity within the community. Many of these sites are all encompassing, offering features like family web pages, blogs, forums, family calenderer, interactive photo uploads, and much more.

Here are a few genealogy 2.0 social networking web sites and what they offer.

This site is featured on our lineup as a leading site for genealogy search. MyHeritage rallied off to a swift start in 2005 with their facial-recognition tool that compares your photo with that of celebrities. This site offers much more than just novelties, including a free download of The Family Tree Builder 4.0 software, personalized family web pages, and Smart Matching technology, which allows the service to compare family trees for any overlaps.

According to FamilyLink they provide the platform for the family social experience. Families can produce content, preserve connections, add historical anecdotes, and communicate across a number of mediums like IM, email, as well as picture and family tree viewing. You can browse by city or country to view uploaded photos of that city and names of FamilyLink registered genealogists that live in that city. FamilyLink is also partnered up with genealogy search site WorldVitalRecords, another site on our review lineup.

This free social network for families offers a secure place to connect and collaborate. You can share photos, stories. You can build an online family tree; explore family maps, and more.

MyFamily is offering an innovative free family web site,. You can share photos, stories, news, and family history.

The internet changes so rapidly that genealogists need to be aware of how to access every resource available. There are millions of genealogy blogs, forums, and subscription sites available. Remember to stay informed. Social networking has opened up new possibilities that will inevitably enhance genealogy even more.

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