We d like to announce Top Ten Reviews  newest review site, Homeowners Insurance (HOI)   an in-depth look at some of the top online sites to research, compare and purchase Homeowners Insurance. Our side-by-side matrix will compare and contrast the selection of services, ease of use, industry ratings and variety of help and support of nine insurance companies.

All of the insurance companies included in the review supply a wide variety of HOI options that not only include coverages for single-family homes, but condos and townhomes, rental properties and mobile homes. Each company provides individualized plans specific for all types of HOI shoppers. This is important because no two insurance needs are the same. For those people looking for more than just homeowner insurance, the companies also offer policies for car, life, motorcycle, boat, health and much more. The companies also give discounts to those who buy more than one policy with the company - this could mean big savings.

Ease of use is an important element due to the fact most people shopping for insurance aren t agents and navigating the site to find the selection of insurance and getting the information needed to make an educated decision is extremely important. Several of the sites we examined clearly lay out the HOI options, what is included in the policies, a user-friendly online quote form and 24/7 customer service. Other features we find beneficial include a learning center, FAQs page and online chat. The majority of sites reviewed here, including Liberty Mutual, Amica and Progressive, do a great job of designing a site that is clear, concise and easy to use.

The insurance company s industry ratings are extremely important in the sites we researched. Knowing a company is financially stable and has the strength to meet its financial commitment is more than crucial. When you entrust a company to protect your personal property, family heirlooms, and antiques, it s important to have the peace of mind knowing the company is solid and will be there when you need them most.

Many people who are researching insurance aren t agents and typically have a shallow understanding of insurance lingo, terms, etc. That is why we took into consideration an online site s help and support. Most online shoppers prefer to do their research and shopping online for the convenience. When a site provides 24/7 support, online chat and a variety of ways to contact them for help, we were sure to make note. The sites we reviewed are conscious of this area and did an outstanding job of providing

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