Scrapbooking isn't a new concept. For more than a century, people have been collecting scraps from newspapers and magazines and combining them with photos to save in albums. It became a popular pastime several decades ago and then a giant in the hobby world when the internet made it possible for scrapbookers to connect online. You can find scrapbooking supplies at any hobby store and on thousands of websites.

Many of those scrapbooking hobbyists are turning their attention to photo books now, though. Online photo books make it possible for you to tap into the creative side of scrapbooking but also create a lasting book of photos for posterity.

Online photo book services, such as Mixbook, offer hundreds of themes for you to choose as a starting point for your personalized photo book. As you add photos and text elements, you can edit the design as you see fit. If you prefer to design from the ground up, you have that option as well.

Many parents are determined to capture the most important moments of their children's lives and then display them in a scrapbook so they can look back at each year and the milestones they reached. However, time can slip by quickly and you may get too busy to devote the time needed to create those books using traditional scrapbooking methods. One benefit to creating photo books online rather than scrapbooking is the timesaving element. You can craft a photo book of your latest vacation photos using one of the pre-loaded themes that Mixbook includes in a matter of minutes. Scrapbooking requires you to shop, cut and glue and then wait between each page you create.

Sharing photos is a tradition that has evolved over the years. Photo albums, slideshows, scrapbooks and Facebook have made photo sharing an interactive experience. All of those methods of sharing memories have their pros and cons. Traditional photo albums can be bulky and time-consuming. Slideshows are outdated and require a projector. Scrapbooking can be expensive, and Facebook, while convenient and free, seems less personal. Photo album books, like the ones you can make with Mixbook, are less laborious than traditional photo-sharing methods, and it's an affordable hobby. Additionally, photo books are lightweight, which makes it much easier to store and share your creative efforts with friends and family. The pages are smooth and lay flat when you look through them. You won't run into issues of 3D elements sticking out of the sides or hooking onto another page.

Another bonus to using photo book software to archive your precious memories is the quality and long-lasting nature of them. You're publishing a book with high-quality paper that is acid-free and meant to withstand years of use and storage. It's also easier to create these keepsakes for friends and family because you can print multiple copies of the photo books.

Although shopping for scrapbooking supplies can be satisfying, it can also add up quickly, and there's no guarantee you'll use every element you purchase. Creating a photo book online eliminates waste because you only use what's available and you don't have to buy those separate design elements. Also, you don't have to devote a corner of your house to storing all of the paper, stickers and tools to create your books.

Photo books make great gifts for any friend or family member. If you have digital access to the photos you want to feature in a book, Mixbook makes it easy for you to design a personalized photo book that can be treasured by the recipient for years. As a friend documents her journey through pregnancy to baby shower to birth, you can collect the photos and then transform them into a photo book she can share with her family and her children as they grow. You can even create a coloring photo book, which doubles as a fun activity for kids and a keepsake for you.

Even if you aren't particularly creative, you can create beautiful photo books to showcase your travel adventures, family vacations, birthdays or other milestones thanks to the premade designs and elements Mixbook offers. If a template or design isn't quite what you want, you can customize it to your liking, and the online editing tools are free to use.

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