Printers are versatile tools for business users. Whether you need to print documents for a meeting or for your employees, a printer serves many professional purposes. But before you lock down a purchase for your office or home business, consider whether a toner-based laser printer or cartridge-based inkjet printer has the strongest combination of print quality and speed for you. Both types of printers have distinct advantages and disadvantages, depending on the size of your business.

Printer Specifications
While inkjet and laser printers have the same basic function, their internal specifications are different, and they have their own strengths and weakness. In an office where multiple employees or an entire department uses the same printer, toner-based laser printers have a lot of strong upsides. These laser printers feature high page yields and high page per minute speeds that make them capable workhorses for larger groups of users.

By comparison, inkjet printers have more modest page per minute printing rates that make them better suited for home or personal use. However, printers that use ink cartridges generally have better color detail and accuracy compared to toner-based printers. While some enterprise-level laser printers can handle color printing with comparable quality, most mainstream models struggle to distinguish between finer-level image details.

Budget & Size
Thanks to developments in printer technology, the general price difference between laser and inkjet printers isn’t as substantial as it once was. Both laser and inkjet models can be purchased at low- and high-end price points and can be affordable for small and enterprise-level businesses. However, the size of each type of printer varies widely.

Laser printers require room for parts like ample-size toner cartridges, and as a result, many are built with bulky dimensions and are difficult to place in small spaces. This can be problematic if you’re a home-office or small-business user working with limited space.

Enterprise-Friendly Options
Features like fax machines and scanners are frequently found on all classes of inkjet and laser printers. As useful as they are, their quality and depth are notably stronger on enterprise-level laser printers. Also, with higher-end toner-based printers, users benefit from features like multiple paper trays for expanded storage capacity. Printers at this price point are exceptional for enterprise-level businesses where a large number of users print documents frequently.

By considering your business’s printing load and needs, you can figure out whether a toner-based laser printer or a cartridge-based ink printer is best for your office. As you make the decision, ask yourself some questions: Are you needing a printer for one office or several? Do you need a printer for high-quality documents or will they primarily be printed for office and business use? Will the printer be used frequently, and will it need high-capacity paper trays and printing tools? When it comes to business needs, printers can cover a wide gamut of features and specifications.

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