Learn Spanish online if you want the most flexible and efficient language-learning method.

If you were born into a Spanish-speaking family, your understanding of the language settled into your neural network early on. If you lived in a Spanish-speaking country as a very young child, even if it was your second language, you would have developed some understanding of Spanish. If you lived in a Spanish-speaking country as an elementary-school-aged child, you would have picked up the language within months.

If you were not fortunate enough to have acquired the language prior to puberty, before language-learning brain circuits become rigid, you do have other options. You could attend a formal class in a classroom on a school campus. You could move to another country and immerse yourself in the culture. You could watch Spanish TV and listen to Spanish radio until something sinks in. You could buy textbooks and work through the exercises. You could listen to audio lessons. You could install language-teaching software on your computer and complete the lessons. You could meet with a tutor according to a mutually convenient schedule. The best way, however, is to learn Spanish online.

Compared to learning Spanish online, all other methods leave something to be desired. To commit to a classroom schedule, where you must be in a certain building at a physical school at a certain time over a period of months, is a tremendous inconvenience and timewaster. Unless you are wealthy enough to live without working, it might be too expensive in terms of time and money to move to a Spanish-speaking country to learn conversational Spanish through cultural immersion. Instead, you could watch Spanish TV and listen to Spanish radio, but without a formal approach to learning Spanish, it might take quite some time to acquire basic Spanish by osmosis   especially if you are not five years old. Yes, you could buy textbooks and teach yourself, but that is not very fun   and how would you really know if you were pronouncing things correctly or using the correct idioms?

Language teaching software was quite a breakthrough when it first appeared because it could help you work on your pronunciation, walk you through exercises in a sequence that has been proven to be effective and allow you to test yourself until you achieve proficiency. Nowadays, a far better way is to learn Spanish online.

When you learn Spanish online, you escape the limits imposed by platform-specific software that forces you to use only the computer on which you installed the product. When you learn Spanish online, you can move easily from browser to browser and between any internet-connected device, including PCs, Macs, iPhones and Android tablets. Wherever you find yourself and from any device within reach, you can continue to learn Spanish online. There is no software to update and maintain, and nothing to reinstall when hardware inevitably crashes. Furthermore, when you learn Spanish online, you can have access to live, human tutors who can teach you one on one or in small groups. Your online teachers are only a web connection away, so you lose no time commuting to a classroom. Furthermore, because you can proceed at your own pace through the courses of study, you can progress in large or small increments, depending on how you organize your life and prioritize your time.

Professional educators maintain that the best instruction is individualized instruction. When you learn Spanish online, you can individualize your course of instruction with convenience and affordability. " Viva la revoluci n del internet!"

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