Managing a simple personal blog is one thing, but managing and hosting an entire website is a bit trickier. That's where web hosting services come in. Whether you're running a simple and small startup business or your company is well on its feet, managed WordPress hosting can be your best friend and free up a lot of your time. Here's what you need to know.

What is It?
Web hosting handles all the complicated back-end work that puts your website out on the world wide web, and it makes it easy for you to publish your content. Additionally, managed WordPress hosting comes equipped with many other tools that can be helpful for a business.

Why Do You Need It?
Even if your site is small, you likely want your content to be available to a lot of people. Web hosting services take care of that. Managed WordPress hosting will take care of your website and make your content visible to the world, as well as taking care of a lot more for your business, which can lighten the load for you and your employees.


How to Set it Up?
There are a plethora of web hosting services out there. Many have similar hosting features, while others include advanced and professional-level services. Setup is usually easy; web hosting services pretty much do all the setup work for you, leaving you to simply create and publish the content for your site with an easy-to-use website builder.

Managed WordPress hosting services take all the complicated work out of having a website, no matter how large your company is. Aside from that, there are many benefits to using a managed WordPress hosting service. Here are a few big ones to help you in the process of determining which service fits your company.

Unlimited bandwidth – Bandwidth is by far one of the most important hosting components that will come with the service you choose. Most web hosting services offer an unlimited amount of bandwidth for the data transferred to and from your website each month. However, there are some services where the gigabyte amount is limited. The limit can be anywhere from 50GB to 5,000GB a month.

Site statistics – Along with hosting your website, managed WordPress hosting services offer site statistics that show you how your site is performing every day and how many visitors are coming to your site. These statistics can help you determine what the visitors like about your site, and it will help you learn about the visitors, too.

24-hour support – A website is visible to the world all the time, so 24-hour support is crucial. Many web hosting services also include live chat support, email support, a knowledgebase and video tutorials – all of which are accessible all the time to you.

Running a website, or even an entire business online, comes with enough challenges for you and the rest of your team as is. Managed WordPress hosting is a pivotal asset that saves you time and work.

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