There are several reasons to use online photo sharing services and sites:

There are several reasons to use online photo sharing services and sites:

  • Online backup/storage
  • Organize your albums
  • Edit photos

But one of the most compelling reasons (and undeniably the most popular) is to share pictures with family, friends, or everyone. One of the motivational factors that keep photo sharing sites so popular and growing is the ease and enjoyment of sharing. Mobilizing your photos and getting them to more endpoints than on your memory card (used to be boxes of rolls of undeveloped film) is one of the best uses of photo sharing services.

Several photo sharing sites and other 3rd party developers have made it easy to have your photos exactly where you want them, regardless of where you are. Now you can not only have your entire photo collection with you when you re on the go, you can allow others to access the photos you take when you re on the move. With various apps and smartphone integrations, you can access your photo album from anywhere on your phone. Furthermore, several services make it possible to upload your photos taken from a mobile device immediately and get them out to your friends. Some services go as far as automatically putting your photos on your favorite social networking sites.

Here are a few examples of flexible integrations that can help keep your photos mobile:

Mobile flickr allows you to upload photos directly, view and share photos on their mobile site

Shozu enables phone to web uploading and integrates with flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Photobucket, twitter, Kodak Easyshare Gallery, Picasa, Wordpress, and Webshots (to name a few).

Avanquest SendPhotos provides a streamlined system for organizing, storing, and sharing your mobile phone pictures.

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