Want to join an online game rental club? Here are some tips to get the most for your buck.

Choose the Right Game Rental Club

First of all, do your homework and pick a game rental club that offers all the game types you'll use—Dreamcast, PSX, PS2, Game Boy Advanced, GameCube and XBox are the main options, but few game rental clubs rent them all. Some game copy clubs also rent DVDs, another factor to consider if you're a movie fan. (For more information on DVD rental clubs, click here.) Most clubs let you mix and match your rental selections, so you can rent DVDs, XBox games, and some GameBoy Advanced games all together.

Another factor—shipping time. A club closer to you will ship quicker than one on the opposite coast. This may not be an issue for most, but if you have a hard time waiting, it's something to consider when choosing a game rental club.

Pick the Perfect Plan

Pay attention to your usual gaming habits. Will you have time to play thirty new games each month? Pick a plan that will let you pay for just what you'll use. Most Game Rental Clubs let you change plans as often as you like, so if you have unused games lying around all the time, downshift to a cheaper plan.

Return Video Game Rentals ASAP

To avoid return delays, keep track of games and DVDs and the envelopes you'll need to return them. Don't let game rentals or postage-paid packaging end up between the couch cushions.

On the upside, most video game rental plans don't have due dates or charge late fees. But you'll get fewer new selections if you keep several video games checked out indefinitely.

Fill Your Game Rental Queue

Make sure that your game rental queue is in order. Keep it full and sorted by first choice first. The video game club will ship out your new selections as they receive your old ones.

Following this advice will help you minimize your investment and maximize your fun.

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