churrascoEven though it s one of the places I most want to visit, I have to confess that I ve never been to Argentina. That s why I ve asked Luciana Coscione to acquaint us with her country.

But I ve always dreamed of visiting Argentina for the churrasco that they say is absolutely scrumptious.

I d also like to go there when it s starting to turn cold here because it will feel as if I ve had two summers that year.

Another reason I d like to go is that since I learned Nicaraguan Spanish I can finally use vos freely; rather than having people think I m speaking it incorrectly. For those of you who aren t familiar with voseando, I ll explain that it s spoken this way:

  • Vos sabeis for tu sabes (you know)
  • Vos te vas for tu vas (you go)

And for the commands, it really sounds different:

  • Solt me instead of sueltame (let go of me)
  • Larg te instead of l rgate (leave)
  • Ven te instead of vente (come here)
  • Dec me instead of dime (tell me)

For those of you not familiar with this dialect, these differences may seem small, but these differences in pronunciation give Argentinian Spanish a completely different rhythm.

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