The biggest news in online dating is not a hot new site. It is a smartphone application. Tinder is a wildly popular way to meet people before you actually meet people. It is sort of like a high-speed version of online dating sites.

This app uses Facebook and GPS to zero in on your location and then finds other Tinder users in your area. There is very little specificity involved. You just enter a few basic facts, a few photos of yourself and then start looking at Tinder's matches for you. You swipe one direction to indicate an interest in someone and the other direction to pass them up and look at the next potential match. When you indicate interest in someone that has interest in you, you can start communicating directly through instant messages.

Reviews of the actual Tinder app are mostly glowing, even when they admit that it is addicting and potentially time-wasting. You can scroll through a lot of would-be dates in a little time. It's hard to look away once you get started.

Tinder had a reputation for being too casual for some singles, offering hook-ups but not real pairings. There are some long-term matches reported here and there, though, that started on Tinder. And not everyone is looking for The One when they seek out online dating services. Tinder is perfect for light-hearted fun.

It's sort of like hitting the bar without having to agonize over what to wear. You select a few flattering photos of yourself and decide if you want to meet up with anyone in person much later in the process. You can decide when you will agonize over what to wear.

Other dating apps that may help you meet more potential dates include Grouper, which helps facilitate a more natural social environment so you do not have to suffer through one-on-one dates as first dates. The app pays for one round of drinks for a group of people it matches and then you decide how those new friendships will progress.

How About We is another app that can facilitate actual dates. Users post an idea for a great date. If you find a date that appeals you can go on it with the person that posted it, if both parties agree. There is very little electronic back and forth, which is just right for certain singles.

OkCupid, Plenty of Fish and a few other online dating sites have smartphone apps related to their services so you can speed up the process and take it on the go more easily. You can be waiting in line at the DMV and scrolling through profiles of potential dates.

The best online dating sites may not be websites at all. If you want to take modern online dating and speed it up, you may want to consider dating apps or at the very least the apps associated with your favorite online dating services. They may have fewer personality profiles and associated algorithms for matching, but with an app you can do more of your own matching.

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