In the past, we used file cabinets, briefcases, safety deposit boxes, fireproof safes, external hard drives, floppy disks, flash drives and other devices in an effort to preserve and protect our important documents and data. The need to securely store information still exists; however, there is a new option for safe storage that doesn t involve a personal storage gadget that can get damaged or lost. Online storage services protect and store your personal information in a location other than your home, office or on your person.

Digital data is becoming more common as we move closer to a paperless society. Though files stored in a computer are safe from many threats, there is still a chance of a natural disaster, like a fire or flood, or a computer-generated disaster, like a virus, worms or trojans damaging your files. Digital information is hard and sometimes impossible to recover.

Online storage services are cost effective and a practical option. Your files are transferred and stored with a SSL encryption that ensures your personal information remains personal. Additionally, accounts are password protected.

There are some considerations when using an Internet storage service. Some helpful guidelines include:

  • Choose a reliable service that fits your needs

There are many online storage services available. Your decision will largely depend on how much space you need and how often you want to access your information. Most services offer a free account so you can try the service before buying an account.

  • Backup your files frequently

The more often you backup your files, the less likely you will lose information. Some services allow you to set scheduled backups.

  • Keep a copy of your files on your computer

Though online storage services are very secure, nothing is full proof. It s wise to keep a copy of important files on your computer where you can access them even if your Internet connection goes down.

  • Organize your files

There is no sense in storing files online if you can t locate them later. Internet storage sites allow you to create folders and add tags to your files. It s a good idea to do so.

  • Keep password safe

Online storage accounts require a password to access them. Always keep your username and password safe so your personal files aren t compromised.

People have files that can t be replaced, like photographs, and files that it would be nice to access anytime and anywhere, like a resume. Important files to consider uploading to an online storage service include:

  • Photographs
  • Home Video
  • Audio Files
  • Tax Information
  • Important Documents for Work or School
  • Resume
  • User Manuals
  • Important Insurance Information
  • Important Emails

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