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Cloud storage services let you back up your data and share it across the internet. OpenDrive and Dropbox are two such services that offer reliable cloud storage systems, incorporating a range of security measures and compatibility with numerous systems. However, there are key differences between these two products, so read on for an OpenDrive versus Dropbox comparison.

Which one is right for you? Let s take a look:




OpenDrive is an online storage service that offers cross-compatibility and simple, drag-and-drop functionality on a wide range of PCs and mobile devices, including Android and iOS devices. Its security includes 128-bit SSL encryption and rigid internal protocols to prevent unauthorized access to your data. Our OpenDrive review found it offers truly unlimited data and unlimited file sizes, which means you are only limited by the amount of free space the company has on its servers.


What OpenDrive has that Dropbox doesn't
Where OpenDrive Shines: Data Storage & Security
  • No limits on storage or file upload size
  • Company-owned servers
  • User-owned encryption key
  • Stores all types of files and archives up to 99 previous versions
  • Ensures data is safe with physically secure server locations
  • Optional service sends you a 1.5TB drive to create and return a manual system backup





Dropbox is an online backup and storage system that functions as a folder on your desktop so you can simply click on a file and drag it into the Dropbox folder. It also has a user-friendly browser interface and apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. Dropbox's security features include 256-bit AES encryption and servers in multiple locations, but its data storage caps out at 500GB.


What Dropbox has that OpenDrive doesn't
Where Dropbox Shines: Free Plans & Mobile Access
  • Geo-redundant servers
  • Windows phone compatibility
  • Automatic photo backups for smartphones
  • Dropbox's pricing includes free basic plan to store small amounts of data
  • Dedicated apps for all major mobile platforms, not just Android and iOS
  • Simplified and intuitive user interface





Carbonite for mac is an OpenDrive and Dropbox alternative that offers unlimited storage and uncapped file sizes, geo-redundancy for multiple layers of protection, and photo and video backups for mobile devices. You can set your files to only be accessible from one machine   therefore acting as a completely secure backup system   or you can access your data from multiple devices.


Why Carbonite Is Best in Class: Cost, Support & Control
  • Low-cost and unlimited data storage
  • Complete control over the backup process, including incremental and continuous backups
  • Phone, live chat and email support to get your account up and running


OpenDrive vs. Dropbox: Which Is Better?

OpenDrive and Dropbox offer similar features, but they appeal to different users. If you only need a couple of gigabytes of storage and want to ensure your data will be safe in the event of one server going down, Dropbox offers a good solution with its simplified and intuitive layout. If you want more storage capacity and enhanced security at the data storage site, you may prefer OpenDrive with its user-owned security keys and unlimited data plans.

Read our reliable reviews of the best Mac online backups, including reviews of OpenDrive and Dropbox alternatives at Top Ten to see which is the best service for your needs.

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