There are about one hundred different password management services that promise to help you find, generate and keep secure records of all your passwords. Some of them are free and some of them require a small payment. Usually this is an annual fee and is less than $10. However, there are other free online password managerservices that promise to keep everything safe and secure without any payments. When selecting a password saver, it is extremely important to only pick the best and most secure services. 

First, there s the question of exactly what an online password manager service does. After downloading and installing the toolbar, the online password manager service will just sit idle until you are browsing the internet and come across a password protected site. This site could be an email account, a Facebook page or even your savings account. No matter the type of password, when you enter in the personal information, the online password manager service will immediately recognize the data and save it. You can follow some simple and clear prompts, but you ll just want to save all of your passwords with the password locker. Each time you turn on your computer you will have the option to log into this account with one simple master password. That s it. Just remember one simple password and everything else will automatically fill itself out with these password storage services.

When creating, or changing passwords, the online password manager service also offers the option to create a random password for you. This feature is a terrific way to keep all your data safe and secure. If someone does happen to discover one of your passwords, not all of them will be compromised. And it is a lot more difficult to find out the password when it is just a random jumble of letters and numbers. Some of the best all around password management tools are RoboForm, LastPass and HandyPassword.

Some of the best online password manager services also fill out other personal forms for you. This means you won t have to enter your email address, home address and telephone number each time you want to enter a Caribbean escape vacation.

The online password manager services are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. If you re at home, work or school, you can access this tool. Also, with this service you won t have to worry about accidentally erasing your browsing history and clearing out all your remembered passwords.

While all these features are terrific, there are many scams online that only want to steal all your private data. It is vital that you find only the best and most reliable services. This means that you ll most likely have to pay a small, but very manageable fee. This fee will help ensure that you re dealing with a company you can trust and contact. Before buying the service and downloading all your passwords, give the service a call. Ask them about their security measures and their customer service options. That isn t a possibility with the other, free services.

Sometimes it is worth the small cost to download a simple service, even though there are some services that sell themselves as free and secure. Online password manager services are definitely worth a small fee for the time and headache-saving features.

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