Photos are a timeless possession and nothing showcases those tender moments and breathtaking scenes quite like a photo book. Many events have become standard for photo book creation; weddings, vacations, birthdays and many others have all been turned into stunning keepsakes with the help of online photo book services.

This popularity caused us here at TopTenREVIEWS to pause and think; what else could a photo book do? After much brainstorming, we created this list of the top ten alternative uses for photo books.

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Cook Books
Photo books are a fantastic way to display your generations-long pedigree of distinguished chefs as a photo-accented cookbook. Spice up your recipes with beautiful photos of the prepared dishes. Many online photo book services offer this option as a template, allowing you to fill in the blanks and turn a cookbook out in no time.

Whether you re a photographer, a hairstylist or an aspiring model, photo books make great portfolios. Assemble a stunning collection of your wedding photography or the best new hairstyles. Put the finishing touches on the best way to capture your would-be agent s attention with a classy photo book. In these professions, presentation is a large part of the process; let photo books put you ahead of the game.

Custom Children s Book
Picture books are an invaluable asset to any parent with a young child that refuses to sleep. After a while, even the most engaging picture books become old and uninteresting. Why not create your own? Assemble some of your pictures and add captions to create your own story. Your child will be thrilled to see themselves in a bedtime story, adding a personal touch to their favorite tales.

Genealogy Cataloging
For those of you with a love for history and ancestry, photo books can be made into a stunning memoriam of family members past. You could even assemble all of your genealogical data into a series of photo books, giving your research a tangible feeling and bringing those who ve gone before into a whole new light. Don t underestimate the editing capabilities of some of these online photo book sites; many of them can turn a simple photo book into an amazing genealogical history.

Party Favor Book
Add a little extra mystery to your next themed party, or create a trivia book about the host for your guests! Whatever the occasion, a photo book can make a great party favor. It could contain clues to the murder mystery game at your party, acting as a sort of debriefing for your guests. Make it into a custom menu if you re having the party catered or preparing the food yourself. The possibilities truly are endless; accent your party with a stylish and informative photo book.

Personalized Event Invitation
While this could get a bit pricey if you re having a large turnout, smaller photo books are surprisingly affordable. For a small gathering like a wedding luncheon, make an invitation of a photo book and format a customized menu. Guests will be thrilled to receive your invitation and excited to attend the event.

Comic Book
Create your own adventure with a photo book; make yourself into a comic book hero! With a photo book s surprisingly compatible cell format, making a comic book is easy. Apply captions to create a book of laughs that would impress Gary Larson or make a Marvel masterpiece with dramatic photos and a personalized story arc. Let your creativity run wild as you move your universe into the endless possibilities of the animated world.

Instructional Manual
No, we don t mean the boring  Insert rod A into slot B  type of instructional manual. In fact, I know of quite a few parents who have likewise feared for their teen s safety as their child ventures out on their own. Immense sock-losing hazards could be avoided with a laundry walk-through by a caring parent. A cleaning checklist with a glossary for commonly used terms would work wonders in college dorms, limiting the spread of food-borne illness the world over. How do I check my oil? Dad s got you covered with your own  Car Care  booklet.

 Hero  Book
Your personal hero could range anywhere from Gandhi to Michael Jackson to your own mother or father; how can you keep them with you everywhere you go? Create a photo book with pictures of your personal heroes and famous quotes. Include highlights of their life and little bits of wisdom that can help you get through the day. Choose a person that exemplifies an attribute you wish to develop and create a spread for them in your own  Hero  Book.

Foreign Country Survival Guide
Instead of just assembling all of the pictures taken on your recent vacation, why not create a survival guide beforehand? Fill it with interesting information, like phrases in the native language you think you ll need to know, maps to popular tourist locations and even lists of different foods you want to try while you re there. Include everything you could need in this handy little carry-on and enjoy your trip!

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