Are you tired of giving and receiving thoughtless gift cards during the chaotic holiday season? Sure, the holidays are a busy time and gift cards are better than nothing at all, but even when faced with time and travel restrictions, there is a better alternative: photo books.

Photo books provide for an interactive experience that allows users to upload, design and personalize their photos within a handsome hard or softbound binding. These books make a perfect addition to any coffee table, bookshelf, pocket or purse, giving your personal photos the professional touch they deserve. Best of all, many photo book publishers host communities that allow users to show off finished photo books, exchange book ideas and give feedback.

When shopping around for photo book gifts and gift cards, here are some things to look for.

  • Binding and Sizing options: Having a variety of sizes and binding options to choose from broadens the creative choices of any photo book creator.
  • Software Applications and Tools: Doing justice to priceless photos and memories often requires a versatile, intuitive set of tools to help design pages and give an overall theme to the photo book. Many photo book publishers provide themed templates and demonstrations to help you get started. Other photo book publishers, like Polaroid My Memories Suite, include powerful photo editing and page design tools for crafting a truly unique photo book.
  • Pricing: Though most photo book publishers vary in their photo book and additional page prices, it is important to choose a photo book publisher that strikes a good balance between quality and affordability. 
  • Processing and Shipping: If you are looking to give a completed photo book as a gift, be sure to pay attention to the processing times that are required to develop, print and bind your project. Most photo book publishers vary in their processing times, and as the saying goes,  better safe than sorry."
  • Community: Most photo book publishers provide communities where finished and unfinished photo books can be displayed, tips and book ideas can be shared and constructive feedback given. Some photo book publishers even host a store where users can buy and sell their completed photo books. Photo book communities truly are the gift that keeps giving.

So, instead of going the forgettable-gift route with gifts and gift cards, give a gift that is truly memorable: a Photo Book. Inside the photo book site you will find news, books, and in-depth reviews of some of the best photo book publishers available.

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