One of the most important and treasured days of many people's lives is their wedding day. After the vows have been said, the cake has been cut and the last chair has been folded and stacked, you have a full day of memories leftover. To help you remember the day, which can often be a blur, you have photos to look back on.

Most photographers have made the switch from film to digital, which means you typically don't get physical copies of your photos anymore. Keeping those important photos on a DVD or computer can be risky, though. A DVD can scratch or get lost easily; a hard drive can become corrupt. Any time your computer storing your photos crashes – even if you don't lose any photos – can be stressful. And if you do lose those photos, it could be devastating because there's no guarantee that your wedding photographer kept your images. An easy and affordable solution is to publish wedding photo books.

Mixbook is one of the best photo book services to help you preserve your memories in vibrant color or dramatic black and white. You can easily create a personalized photo book without having any design experience because online photo album services include several templates to give you a design base. Many of the templates are themed, so you can choose one meant specifically for weddings to get the look you want.

In the case of Mixbook, you can use the AutoMix tool to randomly arrange your photos in the book, which saves you time. You can mix and match the photos on other pages if you'd prefer, though. If the photos need any editing, you can do that from the photo book software as well, so there's no need for a separate photo editing application.

Photo book programs like Mixbook are easy to use with drag-and-drop functions for photos and text. You can edit any layout, so you can move photos and text elements to different areas and change their sizes. The number of pre-designed books you can choose from is in the hundreds, and the backgrounds for pages is close to 5,000. You can create photo book after photo book and always have a new, fresh look.

A photo album book doesn't have to be a giant coffee table book if you don't want it to be. Many online photo book services let you choose from a variety of book sizes – from pocket-sized books measuring 8 x 6 inches to the larger 11 x 14-inch books that make a statement in any room. If you want to create a photo book with up to 180 photos, Montage by Mixbook is an excellent choice because you don't pay per photo or page; rather you pay a flat fee.

The benefits of creating a digital photo book are numerous. You can easily share the images with friends and family without having to sift through dozens of loose photos in a box. The crisp, clean images on the photo book pages are easy to flip through and everyone viewing them can see them from any angle, which isn't as easy from a laptop or a desktop computer.

A custom photo book also makes a great gift for the parents of the bride or groom – and they can be customized to include more photos of either side's family. Photo books are affordable and the personal touch they add makes them an excellent way to show your appreciation to your wedding party. You can mix in photos from the bachelor or bachelorette party along with photos of your groomsmen or bridesmaids for each person. You can create a separate book for each member with their name and photo on the cover and personalize the spine as well.

If you have children in your wedding party, you can give them a keepsake that they can use now and treasure later. You can design a custom coloring book using images of the children themselves, other family members and family pets. The images can be turned into line drawings and then all you have to do is include a pack of crayons with the book.

A personalized photo book can help you and your family relive the day, from the intimate behind-the-scenes moments to the ceremony to the party afterward. Photo books are also an excellent way to preserve memories and your sanity – consider it a physical backup solution to your digital backup.

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