by has managed to impress more than consumers (and our own reviewers). Keynote Systems released the results of their Q3 2009 Insurance Carrier Scorecard and was named the best website for buying and owning car insurance. And this isn t surprising either. has taken the top spot on the scorecard 14 out of the last 15 times Keynote Systems has performed the comparison.

Keynote Systems, Inc. is the industry analysis arm of Keynote Competitive Research and produces the Insurance Carrier Scorecard twice a year. The analysis includes websites from 12 well-known auto insurance companies and endeavors to rate them based on how well they provide car insurance service. They considered how the site quotes and sells insurance across four categories: functionality, ease of use, privacy/security and quality/availability. scored extremely well in all those categories.

Toby Alfred, general manager of customer acquisition at, said the site rates highly because they think primarily about what the customer needs.

 Our customers and Keynote hold us to high standards and constantly challenge us to find new and innovative ways to enhance the experience of buying car insurance online. We`re proud to be recognized for our efforts. We`re always looking for ways to improve the online experience for car insurance shoppers, with the goal of making it easy for drivers to shop for, buy and own car insurance. 

Our own review of auto insurance sites confirms the finding of Keynote Systems. Our reviewers gave the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for providing so many features to the customer in real-time. The site also has excellent customer support options that make insurance shopping experience easier.

Of course, that s not the only site we reviewed. If you want to see how other auto insurance companies rated (maybe including the one you re currently using), check out our review of the best auto insurance sites on the internet. We compare features, policies, ease of use and customer service to determine which ones are best.

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