Relaxation Tips for Expectant Mothers

Sherry Parker
Relaxation Tips for Expectant Mothers

Feeling tense? Wondering if you will forever be pregnant? Tired of walking into a store with complete strangers stopping you to ask to  touch your belly ? The life of an expectant mother can be full of stress. Worries over the impending delivery, financial costs and trying to juggle the stress of another little person joining your life can send any sane person into high stress mode.

Never fear, there are ways to help calm any pregnant women down and it doesn t even have to include large buckets of ice cream and pickles.

Drum roll please ..

The  Top 10  techniques to a calmer, more ZEN mommy-to-be:

10. Try sipping some de-caffeinated tea. Won t make Jr. jumpy and there is something about relaxing in an easy chair drinking warm brew that sends the female species into their  happy place .

9. Massage anyone? Convince your partner that a massage is just what you need. Sumptuous oils that will help aching pregnant feet, not to mention soothe aching muscles are just what the Dr. ordered.

8. Nothing wrong with being a bookworm. Reading is a great way to relieve stress. You can read to escape the idea that your pregnant or read about parenting .or read about non-pregnant things for a nice change of pace.

7. Water is a terrific way to get some exercise and feel weightless .notice I didn t say  skinny ! Water can be calming and relaxing.

6. Girls Night Out! Get together with new moms or moms that have seen it all. Have a good laugh, commiserate with each other. Try to steer clear of scary birth stories!

5. Like a good girl scout .always be prepared! Nesting is a natural part of pregnancy. Women feel the need to  feather their nest . Get the nursery ready, clothes put away in the dresser and sit back and relax ..

4. I m walking on sunshine woo-hoo! And yes, it does feel good. Get some fresh air, take a walk and enjoy the outdoors. You will get a renewed outlook on life and reduce some anxiety.

3. Have a plan in place .parenting will be a big change, but it doesn t have to be. Talk to your partner, discuss financial and working concerns. Communicate, communicate ..Communicate!

2. To thine own self, be true. A woman knows her own body, if you are taking on too much at home or work .cut-back! Don t be afraid to ask for help. Know your employees maternity leave policy and use it.

1. Take a nap! Even a 15 minute little  cat-nap  will re-charge your batteries. Take advantage of naps, you ll need them once the baby arrives.

Now that you have at least a few different ideas on how stay sane for the next few months it's time to think about going shopping for the little one(yet another way to relax). Many of these relaxation tips and baby products can be found on the Top 10 Reviews, baby stores review site.

At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don't Have To. 


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