You really cannot be too careful when it comes to who you choose to date. People lie, and in the age of online social networking, misrepresentations are not unheard of. Have you ever Googled someone s name before a first date, or secretly Facebook-stalked someone before going out with him or her? When it comes to dating someone new, the likelihood is high that he or she has run a social-media check on you, at the least. Googling someone s name is not such a big deal   so is the next step, running a background check on your potential partner, really going too far?

Benefits of Doing Background Checks

Knowledge is power, background checks can supply plenty of information. The majority of background check services offer important features such as criminal checks (including specifics like sex offender checks). It s chilling to think you could fall for a criminal, and it might feel unlikely, but a check can set your mind at ease.

Many people have heard about the  Craigslist Killer,  a man who found and met his victims through the popular online community forum. So although some people may argue that running a background check on a date is an invasion of privacy, you can weigh that social nicety against your safety.

Things a background check can look for:

  • Tax liens
  • State and federal criminal history
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Property
  • Judgments
  • Known associates
  • Bankruptcies.

Your Future Depends on It

First dates are usually exciting and often unnerving, but the knowledge that your date appears to be an upstanding person makes it a little easier. Whether you never met your date before or you are learning more about someone already in your life, run a quick check of his or her arrest history and credit history, and verify marital status, too, to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

News stories abound regarding both men and women meeting strangers from the internet that they believed were legit. There is even a reality TV show following the stories of people who have invested countless hours of time, money and emotion in strangers they never met. Although the internet offers convenience and an expanded cast for your dating net, some people use it as a mask, obscuring their physical or psychological reality. And the reality of that can be scary. In your endeavor to find your future spouse, be glad you can weed out bad seeds through a simple background check   if for no other reason, maybe you ll have to kiss fewer frogs in your search for a prince or princess.

Take matters into your own hands and protect yourself from people who may try to use you. Getting yourself into a dangerous situation or being manipulated by a terrible person is a real risk of taking someone at face value.

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