Instagram started as a trendy app and became a way of life in social media for many people. According to the social media giant's statistics, its users share about 70 million photos per day. If you're using Instagram to capture important and fun moments in your life, you have a collection of photos that tell a story. How often do you scroll back through those images, though? Instead of losing those pictures in your feed, you can organize your favorites into an Instagram photo book.

Whether you use your Instagram account to share filtered photos of what you cooked or ate, selfies from the beach, a mountaintop or work party, or snapshots of your best friend getting married, you can turn them into a keepsake that you can easily share with friends and family. Personalized photo books make great gifts, too. If you take lots of photos with your best friend, you can turn those Instagram shares into a gift that they will treasure for years to come. We have some tips on how you can easily create a photo book for yourself or a loved one.

  • Tell a story: First you need to decide what story your photo book will tell. You can focus on a year of life and show your Instagram life chronologically. If you travel a lot, you can give a tour of the places you've been through the photos you shared with your social network. If the photo album book is for a friend, focus on milestones and fun experiences you've had together.

Choose the images carefully so you can let each page flip tell your story. Many photo book services, such as Mixbook, let you insert text modules, so you can add captions to photos or anecdotes from your adventures. Organize your images and stories before you start designing so you can focus on creating the design you want, rather than whether you put photos in the right place or not.

If you prefer a photo book full of your images in no particular order, you can easily do that with Mixbook's AutoMix tool. You can upload your photos to the application, choose the AutoMix tool and let the program decide where the photos fit best in a design.

  • Choose a book size: One of the benefits of creating a photo book through Mixbook is that you have so many choices, including the size of your book. Instagram is known for its square-cropped images. Mixbook gives you the option of creating a classic landscape photo album book, portrait-shaped book or square photo book, so you can keep it Instagram-themed, if you want.
  • Pick a design: You can design a photo book online from scratch, but if you're better at taking a photo than you are at presenting those photos in an album, you can go with a pre-designed theme. Mixbook offers hundreds of themes for travel, wedding, family and more. Each of the themes are complete, but you can edit them as you see fit. You can turn each year of your Instagram photos into yearbooks or years in review.

Some of the design themes include quotes or sayings that can help you tell your story, or you can omit them if you prefer. You can also include your own to make your photo book completely unique.

  • Photo book options: Once you're satisfied with your design, you want to choose the specifics to make your book even better. Mixbook offers a variety of options for the covers, the paper and the spine design.

You can choose a hardcover, softcover or leather cover for your book. Some of these include the option of a dust jacket to protect your photo book. If you choose a leather cover, the dust jacket is where your cover image will appear.

Mixbook prints your photos on acid-free, silk, semi-gloss paper. This keeps your photo book safe for years with little to no degradation. Each page lays flat, thanks to the heavy 110-pound paper and binding that Mixbook uses. Also, the pages don't bend easily. Be sure to choose an impressive photo for the center spread, as it is a single sheet of paper rather than two, so it's the perfect place to showcase the best photo from your Instagram account.

  • Final details: Choosing a cover after the inside of your Instagram photo book design is complete is the best time. Make sure it properly reflects the story you want to tell and the design you've chosen, and be sure it's an eye-catching photo. Thanks to Instagram's perfect-polish filters, it may be difficult to pick a favorite. If your photo book is focused on your travel excursions in, say, London, choose a photo that makes it obvious, such as an image of Big Ben or the London Eye.

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