Have you ever received a text message from someone and you had no idea what it said? You're not alone. Many people of the "older" type grew up learning reading and writing according to the traditional rules of grammar. These rules do not apply to text messaging. You'll have to leave your internal grammar check at the door. When a teenager is typing a message on a small phone with one hand while eating breakfast, subject/verb agreement and correctly using prepositions is the last thing on their mind. However, Top Ten Reviews did the research, and we've discovered some grammar rules for texting and IMing in the modern era.

Numbers are Better than Letters   Why go through all the trouble of writing two letters (t-o) when one number will suffice (2)? Using a number also makes it so you don't have to distinguish between "to," "two" and "too." This grammar rule is 2 hard 2 do sometimes, but kids can do it and you'll get the hang of it in no time, 2. This rule also works with the number 4 (Is that 4iner record 4 me?) and the number 8 (gr8, l8, sk8er, subordin8 clause).

Vowels are for Suckers!   If you're running into a character limit or just want to type faster, getting rid of vowels is an easy way to speed things up. Sure it takes extreme mental effort to type something like "srsly" instead of "seriously," and yes the predictive text won't recognize it and you'll have to type it out manually, but it's worth it. Right? Any traditional grammar check will say no but most teens would say yes.

Use Acronyms with Caution   It's perfectly acceptable to shorten three or four-word phrases such as Laugh Out Loud (LOL), Be Right Back (BRB) and R pondez S'il Vous Pla t (RSVP), but once you cross the five-word threshold, you're asking for confusion. Don't attempt to turn something like "Are You Available For A Light Lunch Around One Today At The Mexican Place By The Mall?" into an acronym (AYAFALLAOTATMPBTM?), otherwise the recipient will ask you to explain and you'll have to type it out in another text anyway.

Capitalization and Punctuation are also for Suckers!   Life is too short to worry about capitalizing proper nouns and the letter after a period. Actually, life is too short for periods, commas and semi-colons in general. According to the grammar rules in the text world, question marks and exclamation points are the only acceptable forms of punctuation   use them often and abundantly.

Emoticons Are Powerful Tools   How is someone going to know what tone you were using unless you show them a representation of what your face was doing when you texted them? According to the grammar rules set forth by our teenage forefathers, you need to make sure to put a smiley face ( :) ) after each sentence if you're in a good mood and a winky face ( ;) ) if you're flirting. There are also text representations of being angry ( >:-( ), being surprised ( :0 ), having a bad hair day while wearing glasses ( ~~8-O ), being silly ( :P ) and feeling like Homer Simpson ( (_8^(|) ) . Please grammar check your text and use the appropriate emoticon at the appropriate time so as not to evoke any misleading emotions in the recipient.

Well, that's pretty much what you'll need to know as you embark into the world of texting. If you miss the old days of traditional grammar rules, be sure to check out our review of grammar check products. Grammar check services such as Grammarly, WhiteSmoke and SpellCheckPlus will take your mind back to the carefree days when articles were actually used and sentences had to have some sort of structure.
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