That’s right. You need to download Skype, install it, and start using it for learning that foreign language immediately.

With social media and other communication technologies, learning Spanish is certainly not only possible from a classroom or textbook. You don't even have to leave the house, because you can learn a foreign language in your pajamas.

Today, people are learning languages with Skype. Skype is a piece of software that you simply download to your computer and it enables you to talk to anyone in the world. Now, you’re probably wanting to know right now how much this is going to set you back. Well, you’ll be happy to know that Skype is 100% free to download. No, not just the trial; in fact there is no trial because there is no charge to put Skype on your computer.

So, now you’re trying to figure out how much those international calls are going to cost you. Well, you’ll be happy to know that all calls that are Skype to Skype are 100% free! No matter where in the world you’re calling.

Yeah, I know, you’re probably thinking it’s too bad you won’t be able to see the person you’re talking with. Well, if you have a web camera and the other person has a web camera, you can watch each other as you talk. It’s true. The future in language learning is here. But you might want to re-think learning Spanish in your pajamas because your teacher will be looking at you.

Take a look at these two images that show you how the Skype interface can be used:

Skype screen

Skype screen

Great huh!? So, after you get Skype downloaded and installed and after you get that web camera working, go to NuLengua or Speak Shop and sign up to get a tutor. And that tutor will probably be sitting in Guatemala or Nicaragua, but all you’re paying for is their time, not the call, nor for Skype itself. 

Here are some of the tutors that you can learn Spanish from through Skype. 

These tutors are from NuLengua:

NuLengua tutors

These tutors are from Speak Shop:

Speak Shop Tutors

Read the reviews of all the best Spanish learning websites, and good luck with Spanish Skyping!

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