How many times have you gone to use the copier in your office and it doesn’t work? The paper gets jammed and the machine continues to beep at you. Or how about when your printer is out of ink, or when the ink goes haywire and destroys your documents right when you need to get that important report to your boss? The primary purpose of having office equipment is to enable your staff to do their jobs efficiently and professionally. So when your printers, copiers, and fax machines aren’t running correctly, it hinders the efficiency of your office.

Making sure your office equipment is updated and functioning at its highest level should be your main priority. Out-of-date and poorly maintained printers, fax machines and photocopiers are likely to hinder as opposed to facilitate your office's productivity. Having updated and fully functioning office equipment can reap handsome rewards, so maintaining serviceability should be a priority.

The cost of maintaining office equipment can sometimes be a drain on your operational costs. Cutting corners financially on maintaining your office equipment is not wise. In the long run this can reduce efficiency and many times raise your operational costs. That's why leasing office equipment is such a smart move for your company financially. Most of the leasing contracts include regular maintenance as well as support when the equipment fails to perform. Unlike the warranties you have with equipment you buy, which usually run out in the first year, the maintenance and support you receive when leasing lasts through the term of the lease.

When you sit down and start negotiating your lease contract, make sure the service agreement includes regular maintenance checks, installing new or upgraded equipment, coverage in case of breakdowns, and even technical support. Also, if the equipment fails or isn’t performing the way you need it to, make sure you are covered in the event a technician has to come out and fix it. Always read the fine print to ensure that the company you are leasing the equipment from will supply the service technician at no extra cost.

Leasing office equipment has many benefits. If your company is looking to sew up the holes in their pockets and reduce operational costs, leasing is the way to go. If you are interested in leasing office equipment, check out our Office Equipment Leasing site for a listing of leasing companies. There are also several articles on leasing office equipment in our Learning Center. You will find articles such as the Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment, Things to Do When Leasing Office Equipment, and so many more.

Whether you are a for-profit or non-profit company, leasing office equipment is cost effective and a sure way to keep money in your company’s wallet.

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