Whether you're in high school or college, school requires doing a lot of studying if you want to do well. But there comes a point where you need to take a break and relax. This is important as it relieves stress and helps you to take stock of everything you’ve just studied. It's a good idea to do a quick recap of everything you’ve gone over right before jumping back into the fray for more studying. Not only will this greatly improve your overall grade in all of your classes, but it will make your life outside of school much more relaxing and enjoyable. Not to mention you will have some time away from long drug out books.

Study guide services can help you make up for the time you use while on these breaks. Many of these sites also have little things you can do while on your break to keep your mind working/ Some websites, like CliffsNotes, offer sections for study breaks where there are articles about current music stars, upcoming movies and ideas for making school more fun. Take time to go through those articles and discover some extracurricular activities that interest you outside of what the classroom has to offer.

On other study guide websites, you might take a chance to look up some other topics that interest you besides the one that you are studying. If you have always wanted to be cultured and spruce up your Shakespeare, take a chance to memorize a couple lines from Much Ado About Nothing (much more original and likely to impress than tired old Romeo and Juliet). Or you could get a start on looking up what you need to get ready for the upcoming SAT or other big test. The important thing here is changing up the routine; what you do with your break is up to you. You might also try logging on to, if you have a membership with them, and checking on your rewards points. Or you could just sit back with the iPod you already earned from them and just relax listening to some good tunes – the choice is yours.

Ultimately, the goal is to let your brain to break up the monotony, just so you don’t get stir crazy sitting on the same subject for hours on end. Every hour or so, depending on your attention span, try to switch gears on your study guide website and take advantage of a different features it offers. You might be surprised at the different things you learn. Plus, it never hurts to explore your study guide. You’ll more than likely find additional things that you weren’t aware of before to help you in your ongoing studying. In the end, a well-timed break can help you study more effectively and can make the entire experience much more rewarding and enjoyable.

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