Although it is hard to imagine, high-end footwear can run into the thousands and millions of dollars. We found men's and women's boots that cost a small fortune by most standards. These boots were made for walking, but not without a security guard on your arm.

AF Vandevorst
AF Vandevorst is a Belgian husband-and-wife design team. The two creative stylists started their own label in 1997 and have been a success ever since. Footwear is new to the couple's lineup, and by creating the most expensive boots in the world, you can't help but notice them. During the 2014-2015 Autumn-Winter fashion show in Paris, the couple displayed a pair of boots, encrusted with 1,527 carats of diamonds. The cost was a staggering $3.1 million, and the woman that modeled them was kept behind a protective bulletproof glass box.

Manolo Blahnik
Manolo Blahnik Rodriquez is a Spanish designer who grew up in the Canary Islands. In the '60s, he was smitten with fashion and started designing women's shoes. He took the fashion industry by storm with his innovative concepts. Even more popular today, his shoes and boots command top dollar. For $14,000, you can own a pair of his knee-length black alligator boots. These exotic creations can be found at his New York boutique.

Tres Outlaws
Tres Outlaws is a collection of skilled artisan boot makers located in El Paso, Texas. The company's artists create one-of-kind cowboy boots that are designed based on each customer's request. This boot maker once created a pair of custom cowboy boots inlaid with $18,000 in gold and silver coins spanning several historical eras. The final design cost a breathtaking $75,000.

The Gucci name is synonymous with high fashion and high prices. For $4,000, you can own your own pair of gorgeous woven leather boots. You can find images on the internet of celebrities and fashion models sporting them while jet setting around the globe.

For $2,900, a relative bargain compared to the other boots on our list, you can own the Fendi Spike-Heel Mixed Fur Hiker Boot. Constructed out of New Zealand calf hair and dyed goat fur from Spain, these shoes reflect innovation and creativity that can only be found with the best designers. These Italian-made shoes are available in exclusive department stores.

There are boots for utility and boots for fashion. If you want to make the ultimate statement and stand out in the crowd, these attention-getters will do the trick. If the prices are out of reach, just keep in mind that money does not buy good taste. You can find fashionable boots for reasonable prices. Nevertheless, it is still fun to see how the other half shops.

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