Sometimes when you're writing a paper, proposal or short story, you don't have the time to send it to an editor and wait for their response. Furthermore, you may not want to spend the money to use an extensive editing application. However, there are a few grammar check services that will edit your paper instantly for free. These sites will quickly check over your writing for any grammatical errors and do not require payment, downloading or registration. In a matter of seconds, you will have corrections that will help your paper be more presentable.

White Smoke

WhiteSmoke offers both writing enhancement software and a free online grammar check. The online grammar check service seems to be just as consistent as the paid software. The grammar check application catches a variety of spelling and grammar mistakes. However, this free version does impose a limit of 250 characters, which means that you'll have to input your longer written works one chunk at a time.

We inserted a test paragraph into the WhiteSmoke text box to see how many grammatical errors it would notice. It caught most of our spelling errors and it also corrected us when we used "their" when we should have written "there." In addition, it also seemed to notice when we incorrectly used negatives, when our subjects didn t agree with our verbs and when we had issues with sentence structure.

While this free online grammar check service notified us of these complex grammatical issues, it didn't do as well with punctuation. Multiple punctuation errors in our writing sample were left unmarked and uncorrected. This could be a problem if punctuation errors are your weakness. The grammar check application gives minimal explanations for the suggested corrections. Additional feedback is only available with the paid service.

 This online grammar checker is easy to use and has a variety of different support options if you have any questions. It us a useful tool for immediate corrections, but it doesn't teach you to be a better writer. Overall, we found the WhiteSmoke online grammar checker to be a quick and easy editor. is another way to check your grammar online for free. Unlike WhiteSmoke, this grammar check service has no character limit. You can paste all the writing you want into their text box and receive instant feedback. There is a paid version of this service, but it is intended for Webmasters and requires that the installer understands HTML and JavaScript.

Instead of showing your errors in the same window in which you entered the text, this online grammar checking service has a pop-up window with the corrections. This window uses a three-tab system to show corrections. The first window you see is all the spelling mistakes and typos. The second window displays the grammar mistakes. The third window shows alternate word choices. This layout may confuse some people, and they may end up only using the spelling editor because they don't notice the other tabs.

When correcting your spelling, offers a number of correction choices. They also explain why the corrections are necessary when editing grammar. This grammar check application focused a lot on telling us not to use contractions while ignoring some other prominent errors that we inserted into our test paragraph. It also told us to change "your" to "you're" when the latter was not correct. also allows you to check the spelling of 17 different languages. This can be very handy for someone who is trying to learn another language and wants to make sure they're spelling everything correctly. However, it does not check the grammar of foreign dialects.

When you want to make sure your writing is ready for class, work or even your blog, this site will help you catch most of your errors. It doesn't correct everything it should, and it tries to correct things that shouldn't be corrected, but it still is a viable source for editing. Checking your grammar with will also help you learn the rules behind the corrections, which will strengthen your writing skills.


PaperRater online grammar check is completely free. The site mentions that they have an upcoming premium paid service, but this has not been released yet. This online editor has an impressive interface, but it seems to be the weakest link in the free online editor chain.

This service was very good at catching most of the spelling errors in our test paragraph, but that feature can be found built-in to almost any word processor. While it claims to correct grammatical errors, PaperRater missed a large number of intentional mistakes we had in our writing sample. Out of the 14 different errors we tested, this application only caught three.

One impressive feature of this free online grammar checking site is the detailed statistics. After checking your writing, it offers an Analysis window where you can see how long your average paragraph is, how many sentences you have in your paper and more. This feature can help you determine if you need to make your paper more concise or if you need to add some depth.

PaperRater has a box for you to place your title and another box for your cited works. In addition, you can tell the application what type of paper you are writing. However, whether you choose Research Paper or Short Story, it doesn't seem to make a difference in how this service edits.

PaperRater presents itself as a professional editor, but it doesn't follow through. This free online grammar checker can be a helpful tool for checking the statistics of your paper, but it fails to accurately edit your paper.

When using an online grammar check such as WhiteSmoke, or PaperRater, make sure to double-check the paper yourself. These online applications catch a large variety of errors, but they can also miss glaring errors that most human editors would notice. Free online grammar checking services like these are perfect for when you need a quick and easy way to edit your writing, but already have solid writing skills. If you want to find out about more in-depth online editing, make sure to check out the variety of services in our review.

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