Scrapbooking trends continue to evolve to include more and more techniques and styles, from the tiniest hand-embossed embellishment to the photo book you can design and order in five minutes flat.

One thing that remains constant is change. Here are some trends we found that may add to your creative scrapbooking endeavors.

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Mixing Media

You may have moved on from the towers of tiny drawers filled with specialized scrapbooking stamps, papers and adhesives. You may even have ditched that giant wheeled suitcase you used to lug around to scrapbooking conventions. In short, you may have converted altogether to the somewhat industrial feel of churning out scrapbook pages with a photo book site, but some part of you may still long for the joy of crafting them by hand. The solution lies with the latest scrapbooking format   hybrid.

This technique adds another dimension to your pages   literally   by incorporating the best that digital scrapbooking has to offer with the best that hand-crafting has to offer. Print off the parts of the page you don't want to make yourself and then attach any type of embellishment you like to make the project totally your own.

This could quite possibly mean surrendering your den completely to scrapbooking supplies   possibly for the second time after purging it all to go digital   but the pages you can create when you add a bow or some small silk flowers to an already-great digital page are gorgeous.

Piecing Together the Past

The first thing you may associate with the hobby of scrapbooking is documenting your family's life, and that is also the goal of people who like to do genealogy or heritage scrapbooking. The only difference is they are chronicling the lives of family members who may have passed on.

Organizing a previous generation's photographs can be a nice way to free ancestors' names from the family tree chart and really bring their stories to life. Digitizing vintage photographs takes time but the results can be very rewarding. Once they are in a digital format you can use them to create traditional scrapbook pages or quickly combine them into an album using a quality photo book site.

Photo Book Flexibility

The panoramas from your first hot air balloon ride may not be at home in a purse-sized brag book, and the shots of your new grandchild may not be as portable in a coffee-table-sized album. Photo book sites have figured that out and they are offering more sizes than ever to accommodate any type of photo book project you have in mind. We saw everything from teeny tiny 2.75 x 3.5-inch photo books to 11.5 x 15-inch albums, and more sizes are being added all the time. Some books will allow you to incorporate up to 1,000 shots in one photo book. The albums you fill yourself the old-fashioned way have been available in a wide variety for some time. Now the digital version that you create with photo book sites has that flexibility too.

Flexibility is the key word for all scrapbooking trends these days. If you can dream it, you can bring it to life in a scrapbook.

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