Ready, Set, Swim! It's time for some water fun! These Top 10 Water and Pool toys will provide hours and hours of fun in the water! Check out our list of wet and wild toys that can be found at many of our toy store reviews site. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don't Have To. 


10. Geyser Football
This is no ordinary game of catch! This soft football sprays water up to 100 feet in diameter! At about $12.00, this toy is a real bargain. Get ready to get wet and have a blast! Comes in assorted colors and can be used dry as well. Other Geyser toys include baseball and Frisbee.


 9. Subbies
Subbies are cute sea animals that swim, flip and spin. Animals include Flippy the Dolphin, Hurtle the Turtle and Squiddy the Squid. Kids love these fun animals! They require two AA batteries and are about $8.00.


8. Hot Potato Splash
This classic game is more fun than ever in the water! Pass the potato and the one holding it when the music stops is out! The last person holding the potato is the winner! For ages 5 and up, this classic game never gets old!

7. Liquidoodle Pool Pen
Free the inner artist in your child with this pen. Just add water and kids of all ages can draw on patios or any other smooth surface. At under $10.00 kids can create their very own masterpiece out of water!

6. Magnetic Dive Gloves
Kids love to dive for treasure. With these adjustable Magnetic Dive Gloves, they can easily pick up the magnetic fish at the bottom of the pool. The gloves have a magnet in the palm so that kids simply place their palm over the fish to pick them up. The gloves also have a nifty pocket on the back to hold the fish.

5. Aquaplay
This line of educational water toys provides hours of fun both in the bath and outdoors. Made of non-toxic recyclable plastic, the line is modular so you can start small and add on as you go. Kids love all of the boats and endless possibilities with this great toy. Prices range from $30.00 to $80.00.

4. Subsurfer Underwater Surfboard and Skateboard
Kids just flip for the underwater surfboard and skateboard. Kids can work on their moves and have a blast doing it! At about $25.00, kids 8 and older will have loads of fun for hours and hours in the water.

3. Splashback Poolside Basketball
This sturdy poolside basketball game is a bit pricey at around $200.00. However, it is one of the best all weather basketball games on the market. The hard back provides for great rebounding and the sturdy base can be filled with water or sand. Kids young and old will have fun playing this classic poolside game.

 2. Sea Saw Rocker
This enormous rocker is durable and fun! With inside handles, kids can climb aboard and start rocking!


1.  Swimways ESPN Swimming Challenge
Whether you want to time your laps or have races, the ESPN Swim Challenge tracks your time or laps for you! It comes with two touchpads that you can either mount on the wall or set on the side of the pool. Cheering sounds greet the winners! Requires 3 AA batteries. At around $35.00, let the races begin!

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