Top 5 Baby Shower Games

Top 5 Baby Shower Games

So, hospital bags are packed and the nursery is ready-the only thing left to do is have the baby shower. If you re tired of the same old baby shower games and want to have the  hippest  party out there? Check out our tips for GREAT baby shower games, we ve got a few that will make you scream  oh baby !




1. Diaper Relay: What is more fun than breaking up into 2 relay teams to decide who is the  diaper diva  of the group? Race against teams as you rush to diaper the doll with a diaper, and then pass off to your teammate. Whichever team finishes first is crowned the winner!

2. Big Baby: Divide into 2 teams and designate a baby for each team. The baby s job will include wearing an adult-sized diaper, large bib and blindfold. Each member will take turns feeding the blindfolded baby applesauce with a baby spoon. First baby to  clean their plate , wins!

3. Messy Diapers: The name says it all. Melt various kinds of candy bars in a newborn diaper and have the guests guess which candy bar concoction is in the diaper. This game will bring both laughs and groans as the diapers are passed along for closer inspection. The one with the most correct guesses is the winner. Cheaters will be in deep  doo-doo !

4. What s for Dinner?: Round up about 10 jars of different baby food jars and remove the labels. Have the guests try and decipher what type of baby food in each jar. Winner is determined by the highest number of correct guesses.

5. Baby Items on a tray: Find as many items pertaining to baby care such as; q-tips, cotton balls, baby brush, lotion, shampoo, pacifier and onesies, that will fit on a tray. Keep the tray covered until the game is ready to begin. Uncover the tray for 2 minutes and tell the guests that they will have 2 minutes to remember as many items as they can and list them on a sheet of paper. Guest with the most correct guesses is the winner.

6.Guess who?: This game is always a crowd pleaser and can be a great way to  break the ice . Although it involves a little bit of planning ahead on the hostesses part, it s a FUN way to get to know all the guests. About a week before the party, ask the guests to send or email you a baby picture of them. Set up each baby picture with a number and give the invitees a list of names of those that are attending. Each guest will need to guess which baby is which? The one with the most guesses is crowned the winner!

These games will sure to be a hit and bring the  LOL s  to any baby shower. Be sure to check out our TopTenREVIEWS Online Baby  Store review for great gift ideas for the expectant mother in your life. You ll be sure to be the hit of the party with the thousands of selections that can be found at anyone of our top-rated online merchants.

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