Hard drive recovery is essential when you lose critical files due to accidental deletion, logical drive failure, computer damage or another data loss disaster. Top Ten Reviews recently published their picks for the best hard drive recovery services for recovering lost files on hard drives and other digital devices.

 Losing precious data because of hard drive damage or failure can be a nightmare,  said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of Top Ten Reviews.  Fortunately, there are reputable hard drive recovery services that can successfully restore your files without risking even more loss. 

The Top 3:

SalvageData Recovery: This data recovery service maintains an average recovery rate of more than 90 percent and boasts verifiable industry credentials that attest to its first-class security protocols to safeguard client data. Its personalized customer support is unparalleled, with designated case managers and an online self-service portal that allows clients to track their hard drive or other device through the entire data recovery process.

Secure Data Recovery: Secure Data Recovery recovers lost data on all types of storage devices, ranging from external hard drives and mobile devices, to RAID arrays and computers. As its name indicates, the services places a strong emphasis on data security, with an ISO 4 cleanroom and verifiable security certifications.

DriveSavers: DriveSavers offers a wide range of service options for individuals and businesses alike, including emergency, onsite and remote recovery. DriveSavers is also experienced with all types of digital devices and data loss scenarios.

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What Makes a Top-Notch Hard Drive Recovery Service?

Recovery effectiveness is undeniably the most important measure of the best data recovery services, as it indicates just how successful a service will be at retrieving lost data. However, there are other important factors to consider, including service options, security and customer support.

Recovery Effectiveness: A service s recovery rate depends on the type of data loss they are dealing with. For instance, recovering deleted files generally has an extremely high recovery rate while retrieving data off severely damaged hard drives has a lower recovery rate. Top-notch data recovery services maintain average recovery rates of 90 percent or higher and are able to recover the majority, if not all, lost data.

Service Options: Different types of data loss require different levels of expediency and service. Therefore, excellent data recovery services offer a breadth of service options, ranging from 24-hour emergency recovery to onsite services for business with proprietary or widespread data loss. The best recovery services also perform a free, no-obligation evaluation and service quote.

Security: Hard drive recovery requires precision, expertise and total confidentiality. A certified cleanroom ensures all manual recovery work is performed in a clean, sterile environment, minimizing additional risk to recovered data. Additionally, hard drive recovery services can seek out verifiable industry certifications that assess the company's security and quality management controls to ensure the privacy and utmost care of clients' data.

Help & Support: When it comes to mission-critical or irreplaceable data loss, comprehensive customer support is crucial. Top hard drive recovery services provide 24-hour support via telephone and an online interface to track the entire recovery process.
The best hard drive recovery services can handle all types of data loss, ranging from accidental deletion to virus infections. Comprehensive security measures keep customer data confidential, while accommodating help and support make the data recovery process as simple and straightforward as possible.

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