Choosing a suitable magazine for your child can often be quite a difficult decision, and it s not helped by the vast amount of children magazine s out there. However, a good way to gauge the suitability and advantages of these magazines is to look at how popular they are. After all, children will be the best judges of magazines, and what you as an adult may think is fun and interesting may not be for your child. So why not take a look at our unofficial list of top ten popular magazines for children to get a good indication as to what magazines children seem to get the most out of?

National Geographic Kids Magazine

A sigh of relief will no doubt escape your lips if your child becomes an avid reader of this magazine. Full of interesting facts and useful information, you may have the next big explorer on your hands. The beauty of this best-selling magazine is that it s also interesting for you as a parent and might help you in some general knowledge quizzes! This magazine is an award winning one which includes things from the latest technology to animals, using fun quizzes and puzzles to engage your child.

American Girl Magazine

Aimed at girls around the ages of 8 to 12 years of age, this magazine indulges your child with age-related activities, e.g. planning parties, sleepovers, educational projects, advice columns and interactive quizzes. What s nice about this magazine is its ad-free nature which allows you peace of mind that your child isn t going to be bombarded with ads trying to get them buying this latest beauty product and that latest gadget. This magazine is perfect for the pre-teenage girl.

Nickelodeon Magazine

Well, this magazine is a sure-fire winner for your child anywhere from the age of 6 to 14. It s also a great magazine for the entire family as it includes all your favorite Nickelodeon characters. This magazine includes all sorts of content, ranging from interviews with popular celebrities to quizzes and comic strips and so much more.

Girls Life Magazine

This magazine is for the slightly older girl, from around the age of 10 and above. This magazine is fantastic for girls growing up, learning to cope with their changing bodies and their confidence whilst giving them fashion tips and other advice. Interaction is included with quizzes and puzzles alongside articles that they will be able to relate to. As a Parent s Choice Award Winner this magazine is perfect not only for the pre-teenage girl but also her parents!

Your Big Backyard Magazine

Another fun magazine for all the family with information on a whole host of different animals. Aimed at quite young children this magazine engages your child and encourages them to understand and help nature. With fun activities such as cooking tips, puzzles and games that interact with nature, your child will soon be having much fun outdoors.

Discovery Girls Magazine

Another girl s magazine for girls from the age of 8 and up and again, this magazine is subtle in its tips whilst including many age-related activities. Not only that but the actual stars of the magazine are the magazines own readers who can get the chance to write articles, model and be featured within the magazine!

Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine

Aimed at both boys and girls this magazine encourages your child with their sports by making sports fun and interesting. They do this by including interviews with mega sports stars, having fun comics to read, interesting photos, quizzes and other interesting facts and articles on the sports they love.

Family Fun Magazine

This magazine is for you parents who are looking for fun activities to do with your child from the ages of 3 to 12. With ideas of creativity, traveling, party fun and much more, this magazine helps you to get the whole family interacting and joining in with fun games.

Highlights for Children Magazine

A fortnightly magazine that is bound to bring a smile to your child s face with funny jokes and exciting quizzes. Featuring many popular characters from your child s favorite TV shows and stories, not only does this magazine put fun into your child s day but also interacts their minds and encourages their creativity.

Ranger Rick Magazine

This magazine is for the older boys and girls who are really into their outdoor activities. Helping to develop your child s reading skills and interaction with nature, this magazine has a whole host of fun and interesting facts from the great outdoors. With fantastic photos and interesting articles this magazine really does encourage interactivity and enhances their imagination.

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