In an age where finding time to relax, unwind and read a good book is becoming a rarer and rarer occasion, many people have turned to the simplicity of picking up a magazine once or twice a week. Packed full of the latest fashions, stories, news, celebrity gossip, quizzes and so on, nothing is easier to pick up and indulge in for half an hour without feeling as though you’re still trawling through endless things like you have been doing at work.

Here at TopTenREVIEWS, we recognize the importance of finding this relaxing time to enjoy in a good magazine, which is why we’ve created a top ten list of the hottest women magazines available.

Vogue – Probably one of the most talked about magazines in the magazine market, carrying with it the essence that once you’ve entered into Vogue you’ve made it in the A-list celebrity world. Renowned for its fashion, Vogue brings you the latest fashions from both the catwalk and the high street. With this magazine, after several hundred pages of glossy pictures and quirky paragraphs, you’ll soon feel clued up on what not to wear, who’s the hottest thing to enter into Hollywood, and all at a price that won’t upset your bank account.

Shape – a magazine devoted to helping you gain confidence and achieve your ultimate body. This magazine will help bring you up to date with the latest diets and exercise tips, whilst encouraging you to eat healthily and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This magazine is not only a quick read but a bible each month on just how you could become entirely content with you and your body, both mentally and physically.

Bazaar – another magazine that is jam packed full of fashion, celebrities and beauty secrets. Available twelve times a year, this is definitely a magazine to add to the collection. This magazine is often described as more unique and less mainstream than other fashion magazines such as Vogue. With fashions that are varied to suit everyone’s taste, this is one magazine not to be missed for unique and chic fashion accessories and outfits.

Lucky – a magazine that does what it says on the cover – it brings you luck at finding the cheapest and sexiest of fashion items. This magazine brings you the latest in beauty products, clothes, accessories and so on, making sure you don’t miss out on the latest trends and keeps you one sophisticated fashion queen.

Bust – a revolutionary magazine that taps into everything a woman needs to know; from the latest in fashion to more serious, feminist issues. This magazine will most definitely leave its readers proud to be a female!

Tango – the magazine of love. Full of relationship problems, relationship advice, sex tips and so on, this magazine is one that will help leave you feeling content and relieve. With problems solved within its pages this magazine will grip you from cover to cover.

Body & Soul – another magazine dedicated to the woman’s body and its health. Full of fantastic tips on how to achieve your goal weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel positive about yourself, this magazine has everything from meditation techniques to natural beauty tips.

O, The Oprah Magazine – this magazine is for every woman with a dream as it is full of inspirational stories and an energy that leaves you dying to read more. With recipes, fashion, beauty and much, much more, this magazine has everything a woman needs.

Teen Vogue – for every aspiring woman to be, this magazine is something you can give your daughter with pride. Full of teenage related problems, fashions and beauty tips, this magazine is for every mother who she herself read Vogue as a child.

Cosmopolitan – last, but by no means least, this magazine is just one of the magazines that come so highly recommended by women. It indulges every part of a woman’s life and is quite renowned for its sexualized nature and hot sex tips! Full of fashion, celebrities and real-life stories, this should definitely be a magazine you find the time to read!

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