Whether you're shopping for your small business or your home, a VoIP phone system is an excellent investment. From new features to easy automation, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems can change the way you think about phone calls. Read on to learn why you should get a VoIP system.

Cost Savings
Whether you're calling a contact around the world or just around the corner, VoIP phone services provide an affordable and a reliable connection. The service was designed to allow for voice calls anywhere in the world. Traditional landline phone services and mobile phone plans charge by the minute, which means time is of the essence, and a single international call can prove costly. In contrast, because VoIP relies on the internet, the cost of any VoIP call is built into your monthly internet or cable bill. There's no need to cut your call short to save a few pennies when you use VoIP.

Phone Conferencing
Landlines usually limit phone calls to two parties on two separate phone lines. Most home phone users don't have the technology to include more friends or family in a call, and business users must have specially equipped phones to do so. When you use VoIP phone systems, however, you can include any number of callers. This is useful for scheduling a family event or getting a project team on the phone all at once.

Voicemail Transcription
If you never seem to get all the information you need from one attempt at listening to a voicemail, the handy transcription feature in VoIP systems can help. Once you input your email address, the system will automatically transcribe any voicemails you receive and email them to you. This means you'll have contact names, phone numbers and messages in your inbox without having to lift a finger.

Advanced Call Routing
Instead of letting a call go unanswered or trusting that the caller will leave a voicemail, advanced call routing allows you to send any call to more than one phone number. If you're not available at your computer, for example, the VoIP system will automatically attempt to contact you at all the other numbers on your list. Though this feature is designed for business users who work remotely, it's helpful for on-the-go personal users too.

Employee Coaching
An excellent perk for business users, VoIP systems allow managers to listen in on employee calls and give constructive feedback. Even better, managers don't have to wait until their employees have completed a call to offer advice. A feature called Barge allows certain users to overhear a call, either with or without the employee's knowledge. Whisper is another helpful feature that allows you to discreetly add information or tips without the caller overhearing.

Inexpensive Equipment
Wireless landline phones and advanced mobile phones can be incredibly expensive. With VoIP, however, you can skip the phone. All you need is a computer, a microphone and an internet connection, all of which you likely already have. To get connected, you can choose from a range of VoIP software programs, most of which are free.

Do Not Disturb
Whether you don't want to be disturbed while in an important meeting or you don't want to wake the baby, Do Not Disturb is an important feature. If you turn on the Do Not Disturb feature, the system will direct callers to voicemail or to one of your other phone numbers.

Whether you're considering a switch from a landline or a mobile phone, VoIP phone systems offer plenty of innovative features at a low cost. Business and personal users alike can benefit from the easy-to-use software and its many perks.

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