These days, it seems everyone has a website. If you are considering building a personal website that is more than just a blog, it is important to evaluate your options. Building a website is more than just picking a name and a layout; you also have to consider a web-hosting service and plan.

Unfortunately, web hosting is not cheap, especially if you're on a student budget. Many students aren't aware of this, but there are web-hosting plans specifically designed for students. Many web-hosting companies work with schools, and even with students directly, to provide reliable and affordable web-hosting services.

Pros of Web Hosting For Students

  • Student plans are offered at a discount
  • You receive the same features typically offered with regular hosting packages
  • You benefit from quality support

There are several web-hosting services to choose from, and you might wonder why a student plan is better than individual or business plans offered by the same or different web-hosting companies. Web hosting for students offers some of the best deals without sacrificing quality. While you are a student, you have the benefit of accessing quality hosting packages without paying high prices.

Some companies, like InMotion, offer discounts directly to students. This company also works with professors or universities to offer package deals. Web Hosting for Students is another company that offers dedicated plans for school use. This service offers three tiers of hosting plans: student hosting, teacher hosting and school plans. When your school or teacher partners with a web-hosting company, you can access the hosting platform for little or no cost.

If you are contacting the hosting company directly, be prepared to prove you are a student by providing your student email address or login information from your school or professor.

A personal website supported by a student hosting plan is a great way to showcase your portfolio (not to mention your technological skills). As a student, it is never too soon to start your portfolio. Even if you are not actively looking for a job, an online portfolio helps you keep track of your best work and gives you a place to publish your academic papers.

If you are creating a website for a business, however, you'll need to look at a non-student web-hosting package. Student plans are for personal and scholastic use. Many do not have the storage or bandwidth available that company websites require. There are, however, lots of good, affordable web-hosting services for businesses.

When searching out and considering a web-hosting plan for students, you might wonder whether you have access to quality customer support – the same type of support that businesses and individuals paying for higher-priced plans would receive. The good news is that many student plans are backed with the same support and features offered in personal or business web-hosting plans. Of course, there are services that have discounted or even free web hosting, but often they do not provide the quality of service that discounted student plans offer. For example, free versions often do not provide any form of customer help and support.

When you are a student, you're on a tight budget that limits your discretionary income. Every penny literally counts. Fortunately, there are a few web-hosting options that offer students a place to display their work without the hefty price tag. For students looking to build a personal website to showcase their skills or promote their academic accolades and portfolios, a student web-hosting package may be a good option. To learn more about web hosting, read our articles.

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