Wedding photo thank you cards are becoming a popular choice for today's newlyweds, and it's easy to see why. These engaging cards add a special touch to your correspondence that's perfectly suited to this memorable event. Give every recipient something extra to enjoy with these wedding thank you notes.

Why Recipients Love a Photo

Photo cards instantly go a step beyond the traditional thank you. These cards are keepsakes in themselves that your recipients are sure to hold onto as a wonderful memento of your special day. Photo cards are personal and intimate, making them the ideal pick for a special event like a wedding.

It's best to send wedding thank you cards to everyone who sends you a gift, and no doubt at least a few wedding invitees who sent a gift couldn't make it to the actual event. With a wedding photo card, you can make them feel like they were there by giving them a peek inside the festivities.

How to Get the Right Shot

Plan ahead for your thank you cards so you can get some special pictures for the card on your wedding day. This can be as simple as a charming photo of the bride and groom holding up a chalkboard sign that says "thank you." Shots with the couple looking at the camera feel especially personal.

Check out your options for photo cards ahead of time so you have an idea how many pictures you'll want for yours. You can use a single stunning shot or include several photos that show off the entire wedding. If you opt for multiple pictures, try to get a diverse array of options highlighting items like the bouquets and rings.

Creating Your Card

Wedding thank you photo cards are increasing in popularity, so you'll find several handy online sites that make designing and ordering a breeze. Take some time to browse these sites and you'll find dozens of options for your cards, using themes such sleek and modern or rustic and charming. Select a design that reflects the tone of your wedding. You can create a particularly cohesive feel by picking a color palette and font that mimic those used on other stationery, like your wedding invitations and programs.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Picking a well-designed card is the first step toward creating a sweet and memorable message, but don't forget to add the little extras that will take your thank you note to the next level. Pen a personal message inside each card thanking the recipients for their specific gift. When appropriate, mention how you plan to use the gift. Specifying how a Bundt pan will help you make Grandma's famous chocolate cake just the way she does sounds much better than simply saying "thank you for the pan."

A well-done photo card is a keepsake that's sure to make it into scrapbooks, memento boxes and possibly even a special frame. Don't forget to order a few extras so you can keep one for yourself and add it to your own scrapbook from your wedding day.

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