Check out the site and you ll find out all the wonderful places you can learn Spanish.

Check out the site and you ll find out all the wonderful places you can learn Spanish.

First, find out which kind of program you re looking for. These are some of the different kinds of programs available:

Teens  For teenagers, there are programs where you can go to live with a host family. They ll take care of the student just like they do their own kids.

Semester Abroad   Do you want to study Spanish abroad in a university? Spanish Abroad has partner universities where you can take classes just like you were a regular student.

Teacher Training   Maybe you teach English and you d like a chance to learn to teach Spanish? If so, there are programs that will give you a chance to learn new teaching methods and will take you through a review of the Spanish grammar that causes the students the most trouble.

Family   You can go to certain language schools that cater to your whole family. The kids and parents attend different classes to learn on their own skill level. This way nobody feels left out.

Groups   If you and your friends or a group of people from work want to experience an immersion in the Spanish language together, you can sign up for a group program. You can even ask for a customized program for the unique needs of your group.

Medical   You can select programs where you shadow a doctor or nurse at a hospital in the afternoon and take Spanish classes in the morning.

Fun   You read it right. There are places you can go to study Spanish while you re: surfing, scuba diving, cooking, hiking through a rainforest, and even dancing (Tango or Flamenco).

Once you ve decided which kind of program you re interested in, you ll need to decide which country you d enjoy most. Take a look at all of them because each of the countries has something unique to offer. Spanish may be spoken in all of them, but each has its own way of speaking the language. Here are a few of the different countries to consider:

Argentina   Do you have time off when it s cold here in the U.S.? Well, if you go to Argentina in our winter, you ll be arriving during their summer. So, leave your parka at home and pack your shorts. There are schools in the center of Buenos Aires, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Bolivia   If you re interested in learning about the Andean Indians, this is the country for you, but beware. La Paz, Bolivia is in the mountains, in fact it has been nicknamed the  Tibet of the Americas . It s so high that you could experience some altitude sickness the first few days after you land. If this is your choice of locations, make sure to visit Lake Titicaca.

Chile   Chile is a country known for its startling contrasts. Part of Chile is in the Andes, yet much of the country is located on the coast. It has a variety of landscapes ranging from volcanoes, deserts and forests. Chile is also known for its exquisite wine, so be sure to visit their vineyards.

Costa Rica   Costa Rica is known as a very beautiful country that is nicknamed  Switzerland of the Americas . It s the most stable country in Latin America and is one of the true democratic governments. If you go to Costa Rica, you ll really enjoy the friendly people who love to educate you about their country.

Dominican Republic   The Dominican Republic shares a border with Haiti and is known for its beautiful beaches. Santo Domingo is known for being one of the places Columbus himself actually visited and was the hub for the slave trade.

Ecuador   If you ve been wanting to visit the Galapagos Islands, study Spanish in Ecuador. Quito, the capital, is one of the oldest cities in the Americas and has astounding colonial architecture.

There are many more countries you can visit to learn Spanish, simply visit and choose the one that s right for you.

Iff you can t study abroad quite yet due to money, job or other restraints, make sure to check out our reviews of learn Spanish websites where you can start learning Spanish right away.

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