In recent years, news of abusive or dishonest nannies and daycare services has become more common. Even most nannies are trustworthy, it is extremely important to research a nanny s background before leaving your children alone with one. The same can hold true for daycare services and live-in housekeepers. This is why many online companies offer nanny background searches in order to check the background history of a nanny for any problems or convictions at previous jobs. While the most important course of action is checking a nanny s previous references, a nanny background check is sometimes a good idea in order to uncover things that previous employers didn t know about.

By conducting a nanny background check, you can verify whether your potential nanny has any past criminal record or accusations of wrongdoing. You can also verify previous employment  and possibly even certifications they have earned. A nanny background check is easy to do and most background check services can provide results in 24 hours or less. 

Many people don t know that there are significant problems with child abuse and stealing by nannies. In 2001, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention reported that 4 percent of child abuse cases were caused by caregivers, nannies and baby-sitters. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publishes annual reports on the number of child abuse cases. In 2002, the report showed that 44,000 cases were perpetrated by people other than parents, foster parents, guardians or relatives. That means this group was mostly composed of daycare providers, nannies, baby-sitters and in-home employees. In the 2005, the number had grown to more than 46,000. These chilling statistics alone offer motivation to perform nanny background checks. Below, we have included links to a few news reports involving nanny abuse or crimes.

Keep in mind that these statistics still represent a small percentage of the annual cases of child abuse. Don t begin thinking that nannies are the only people that commit child abuse, far from it. Most nannies do not pose a threat. Nevertheless, if you are unsure about a nanny s previous employment or are suspicious about your current nanny s actions, a nanny background check is a good way to find out the facts.

Though they cost money and take a little time, a nanny background check can save you money and bring peace of mind in the long run. 

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