Whether you hang your photos on the wall, organize them into photo albums or decorate them in a scrapbook, in the end you're simply looking for an effective way to store and share your memories. However, each of these methods comes with limitations. Inevitably, you will run out of wall space, your scrapbooking materials will consume your office and wallet and your photo albums will clutter your bookcases. The best solution: photo books.

Use Online Editing Tools
Creating a photo book online comes with several key benefits. With scrapbooking and albums, you have to print your photos off before using them. An online photo book editor allows you to edit your photos, add design and insert layouts before ever printing it off in a custom photo book. The ability to edit everything online virtually eliminates mistakes. When you are scrapbooking, you glue on embellishments or write in pen. If you change your mind or place it on the page incorrectly, you have to start over completely. Using an online photo book editor, you can change anything on your photo book until right before sending it to the printer.

Another benefit of creating photo books online is the limitless number of photos you can use. With photo albums and scrapbooking, you use hard-copy prints, whereas with photo books you can use any or all of your digital photos. Additionally, you can edit those photos so that they are the best quality possible. With photo book editor tools, you can crop images, reduce red eyes, smooth skin tones and add special effects.

Online photo book services offer a wide range of themed templates and layouts to choose from. You can employ them in your photo books, or you can create your own using the photo book editor. If you are short on time or patience, most photo book editors have an autofill feature that will place all of your photos into a pre-designed book for you.

Share with Everyone
With hard-copy photos, you can only share them with people who are nearby or in your home. Unless you mail your scrapbooks or albums to others, they will never see your pictures. Photo books eliminate that distance. They are affordable enough that you can print several at a time and have them sent to family and friends. Aside from mailing out your creation, you can also share your photo book online. Using an embedding code, you can email your book or share it on Facebook. Some photo book services even allow collaboration on projects, so you can build a photo book with all of your family and friends, regardless of where they are.

Store in Tight Spaces
Photo albums and scrapbooking supplies take up a lot of space. If you are an avid scrapbooker, entire rooms can be devoted to your materials and books. Photo albums are no better. They take up shelf upon shelf with their wide spines. With photo books, you can choose how little or how big you want your book to be. No matter what size of book you choose, it will have a basic book format and will slip into a bookshelf easily.

Photo books serve as a great alternative to scrapbooks and photo albums. They pull photos that would otherwise remain on the computer and bring them to life. By creating them in an online format, you can edit your photo book throughout the design process. There are no mistakes. It also enables you to share your projects with others regardless of distance. Your only problem now is finding which photo book service to use.

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