Cars are easily the most complicated pieces of machinery we own and require thousands of parts to operate. Since they can stop working at a moment s notice, leaving you high and dry at the worst time possible, roadside assistance is a must-have choice for car owners everywhere. When you become a member of a roadside assistance service, you get the assurance of knowing you re covered for any possible emergency on the road.

While new customers may frown at the annual cost for standard roadside assistance, the money that a membership will save you in the long-run can t be beat. From receiving coverage for tows to flat tire services, most customers will typically recoup their membership cost after one service call. There are loads of reasons roadside assistance is a great value, and these are our favorite reasons.

Towing Reimbursements: Roadside assistance services provides a towing reimbursement. Towing reimbursements are based on towing miles, ranging from 15 to unlimited miles. With a typical tow costing over $100, a membership with a roadside assistance service will prove it s worth after one tow. If your car is inoperable, a roadside assistance s purpose it to get your vehicle off the road and in a mechanic s hands as soon as possible, and they will tow your vehicle to the nearest service station to make that happen.

Travel Interruption Expenses: You never know what the road has in store for you when you pack up your vehicle for a long road trip. Whether you experience a flat tire and ruin your rim, leaving your vehicle out of commission for several hours, or you need to wait several days for more serious repairs, roadside assistance will reimburse a portion of your waylaid expenses (typically up to $1,000). The travel interruption reimbursement covers your meals, lodging and transportation expenses, to and from your vehicle, while you wait for your vehicle to be repaired.

Travel Planning Assistance: Whether it s a simple widget that asks your destination and calculates the best route possible or a live person who does the planning and booking for you, many roadside assistance memberships include travel planning assistance. Travel agency fees may be out of reach for the average traveler, but with a roadside assistance membership, you can receive discounted travel agency services, ensuring you have a smooth trip.

Legal Reimbursements: Traffic violation charges are also reimbursed with most roadside assistance memberships, but only as long as you re proven innocent. Legal reimbursements can range from providing several thousand dollar bail bonds, attorney fee reimbursements to providing a reward for your stolen vehicle to help get it returned.

Travel Materials: Whether they re online maps or actual paper maps that you store in your vehicle, the detailed maps you get with a roadside assistance plan are worth their weight in gold. High-quality maps can cost a chunk of change by themselves, but when you belong to a motor club, you receive as many maps as you need, free of charge.

When you become a member of a roadside assistance plan, you get much more than peace of mind from knowing your car will always have the help it needs. While 24- hour roadside assistance is worth the annual membership, the generous extras included with most memberships, from travel interruption expenses to legal fee reimbursements, guarantee every penny you pay will be soundly invested.

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