So, you ve decided you want to learn Spanish online. Well, first of all, let me tell you that you can do it. When I decided I was going to learn Spanish, everybody told me I was crazy. They said not to even bother trying because it wasn t possible. Well, they were 100% wrong.

I learned Spanish, starting when I was thirty, and I ultimately learned Spanish so well that people would ask me where I was from in Latin American instead of where did you learn Spanish.

Classroom environmentSo, now you re wondering how I did it. Well, although it was a lot of fun, I have to admit it was a lot of work and sometimes it was difficult, but most of the time I enjoyed it. That is, except for the few times I took classes at the community college. I did get something out of the classes, but the average classroom isn t really the best place to learn a foreign language.

There s a reason the typical classroom doesn t suit your needs. Foreign language instruction in the U.S. is geared toward giving students a basis in the language so that if, in the future, they needed to go to a Spanish-speaking country they would have the fundamentals to build on. The result is that teachers focus on verb conjugations, vocabulary, and structure, rather than on focusing on meaningful conversation.

But that theory doesn t take into consideration the fact that Spanish is a language you can use every day in this country. Just go to down your local grocery or hardware store and you ll hear Spanish being spoken. That means you need the kind of Spanish instruction that teaches you how to speak right now.

If you are sincere and willing to do what it takes, you will have to study a little bit of Spanish every single day. But there are very many different ways to study. For example, you can:

  • Buy popular Spanish music. Many times the lyrics (and the translations) are printed on the back cover of the CD.
  • Rent Spanish movies. You ll be surprised how much you can understand since you have lots of non-verbal clues as to what s happening. After you ve finished the movie, rewind it and watch it again. You ll learn lots of new vocabulary and you ll see how the language is actually spoken.

There are many different kinds of Spanish language materials out there. Some are good and some are not so good, but whether the material is perfect or not, you need to look at every situation as an opportunity to learn a little more. Books, classes, and forums will never be enough. You ll need face-to-face tutors. They re not that hard to find. In fact, you might already know a Spanish speaker who would be willing to pick up a little extra money helping you out.

To really understand Spanish you ll need to visit one of the countries where Spanish is spoken. There is no substitute for being in the midst of Spanish speakers. You don t have to spend tons of money either. You may find it s the same amount of money or cheaper to go to Mexico than it is to stay in a hotel at the beach. Yes, it s true. Remember, the airfare may cost more than the trip in your car to the beach, but once you get in Mexico, you re dealing in pesos. You ll be shocked how much fun you will have when you re trying to communicate Spanish. And, for the most part, Spanish speakers will be thrilled you are trying to talk in Spanish.

For now, refer to our reviews of the best Spanish Learning Websites and the best Learn Spanish software. Buena suerte!

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