At one time, internet service providers (ISPs) supplied homes with an internet connection and not much else. But today's ISPs have evolved into media, organization and information hubs they have become a one-stop-shop for anything and everything you want for life and not just the basics.

Each morning millions of people are greeted by their ISP home page: "Good morning (insert your name here)," it reads. Instantly you know the time, the weather, sports scores, local and national news and other tidbits of intriguing information, like the ten best hotels for pampered pets (This is not made up).

At this point, your internet provider may offer literally hundreds of choices. You can find a new job, learn where to invest the money you'll earn at your new job, find a home closer to your new job and even buy a car that you can drive to your new job. The options are endless.

People rely more and more on the information and other services internet providers offer. Some of these services include: online gaming, online calling, music and video downloads and web space.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is becoming more and more popular among teens and adults alike. Many big internet providers offer gamers the opportunity to get together to test their skills against people from all over the world.

Contrary to popular belief, there are games everyone can enjoy: perplexing puzzles, popular board games, like chess and monopoly, Disney games and high adventure arcade games. ISPs are adding new games weekly to boost the fun and excitement.

At any given moment, there are hundreds of thousands of people playing games online. You don't need an invitation to play; join your favorite game with just a click.

Online Calling

Some ISPs are now offering online calling to their customers. This service allows you to talk to anyone in the world without expensive long-distance charges or calling cards. You use a telephone designed to transmit over the internet to other online callers and typical home and business telephones (called "land lines").

Internet telephones only work with a high-speed internet connection, such as cable and DSL. You cannot use internet phones effectively with satellite modems because of a few-seconds delay; this would make conversation frustrating.

Music and Video

How would you like to have the latest movie previews, the greatest music videos and your favorite radio stations at your fingertips? This is exactly what some internet providers do for their customers.

Through some of the larger ISPs you can search and download music and music videos. Or set your computer to play a particular genre of music videos for a stylish backdrop for your next party.

Some ISPs also give customers access to hundreds of radio stations, many of them commercial free. You can search radio stations by music type or by location and listen to news and music from all over the world.

Web Space

Millions of people have left their mark in cyberspace isn't it time you left yours? Some internet providers give you online web space. People use this space to store files online; this frees up hard drive space and makes the information available from any computer with internet access. This is an excellent feature for those on the go people who travel for business or students.

Others use this space to create their own webpage about their family, business or hobby. This space is free with your internet connection; the only limit for how to use it is your own imagination.

Take advantage of everything the internet has to offer. Turn your life online through ISPs.

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