Want your kids to learn Spanish? All you have to do is turn the right television program on and there are scads of opportunities for your children to learn Spanish with Spanish-speaking cartoon characters. And this is the perfect time to teach them Spanish; they’re in the process of language learning so picking up another tongue is natural for them. It’s also the right time to get them excited about other cultures and customs.

Several children’s television programs do a great job of teaching the basics such as the colors and numbers in Spanish in addition to math and music skills. At the same time they are learning certain commonly-used phrases in Spanish and learning that it’s okay to speak another language.

One of the most important points to remember about this approach to learning Spanish is that at the same time the kids are learning they’re also having fun. These characters are endearing and are good role models for children. These are some of the options available to everyone:

Dora the Explorer – Dora is a seven-year-old girl who takes a trip in each of the shows to either find a thing or a person. Children become familiar with maps Dora's Map(with a character named Map), and can even try to help her find the places she’s looking for. While she’s on her adventures she teaches the kids Spanish words and sentences.

Handy Manny – Disney's Manny Garcia is a Hispanic handyman whose tools talk to him. For example, Felipe is a Phillips screwdriver and Turner is a flathead screwdriver. Various Hispanic residents of “Sheetrock Hills”, where Manny lives, consult Handy Manny to fix their furniture and homes.

Go Diego Go! – This show features Diego Marquez who is eight-years-old and lives in the rainforest. Diego’s best friend is a baby jaguar. Diego and his bilingual friends keep busy rescuing animals, such as dinosaurs and dolphins.

Maya & Miguel – These characters are older than the others since they are pre-teen twins. If your children are between five and nine years old they’ll enjoy this show. Much of the dialogue is in Spanish and only a few things are explained, but the kids can follow along and learn since they understand the story unfolding in front of them. The episodes center around Spelling, Math, Reading, Science, and Music at places in their neighborhood such as: the pet store, their school, the soccer field and the post office. Most of the characters are Hispanic so there is more Spanish culture to learn.

Your kids will love learning Spanish and will sing along with the bilingual songs and love the activities of all these adorable Spanish-speaking cartoon characters. 

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