Pros / The Rental Genius program lets repeat customers earn points for discounts and rewards.

Cons / The vehicle options are limited.

 Verdict / While its U.S. options are limited, Ace provides good customer support everywhere.

Ace Rent A Car is a car rental service with basic offerings, a pared-down fleet and a limited number of locations throughout the U.S. Ace doesn’t offer one-way car rentals. Since the company only has locations in 24 states, it makes sense to pick your car up and drop it off at the same branch, unlike with services that offer one-way rental and have many locations.

Ace's fleet is not up to the standard of other services in our car rental reviews. This car rental service doesn't carry luxury cars, long-term rental discount packages, convertibles, hybrids or commercial truck rentals at any of its locations. We weren't impressed with the deals listed on the company's website either. The daily deals seem to be on par with or more expensive than those of the best services out there, and they offer much less in terms of a total package. The weekly car rental deals do bring rental costs down, as weekly deals should, but Ace's deals still don't compete well overall.

On the plus side, Ace has a Rental Genius program for repeat customers, so you can get discounts as you earn points. You can even cash in on prizes like a Kindle Fire if you accrue enough points.

The service also has some international locations. In fact, if you are traveling to Canada or Mexico, the options and locations expand and are more impressive than most U.S. branches. If you are going to Cancun, Ace is a great option. You can get great deals, and the vehicle options are better than the average U.S. branch.

The only additional features it offers are GPS and infant and toddler seats. Rentals for child seats are reasonable, about half the cost of other services we researched. You can also pay an extra fee for a rear-seat DVD player. There is no online check-in option or options for disabled drivers.

You can reach Ace through its call center or email, if you have time to wait for a response. The service also lets you order roadside assistance and insurance packages. Even some of the better car rental companies don't offer these services. There is shuttle information on the website, but that varies depending on your location.

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Ace's services are more impressive in places like Mexico, so if you are crossing the border for your next vacation, this company is a good option, and you can find a great deal on a car. Repeat customers can build up points to earn discounts and rewards. However, Ace has branches in only 24 states and doesn't offer one-way rental. So even if you are traveling between two states that have Ace rental, you can't pick up in one place and drop off in another. The extras are limited to GPS and child seat options. Ace has good customer service, but overall, it is a car rental service with many limitations.